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How To Get Shroud of Freedom in No Man’s Sky (NMS)

Can’t seem to find the Shroud of Freedom? We’ve got you covered

No Man’s Sky is a massively popular action-adventure sci-fi exploration and survival game. Set in an infinite and procedurally-generated universe, players must explore a vast galaxy filled with unique planets and potentially dangerous life forms. All while completing various missions and obtaining special items along the way. One of which is the Shroud of Freedom.

In this guide, we’re going to take a closer look at how to get the Shroud of Freedom in No Man’s Sky (NMS).

How To Get Shroud of Freedom in No Man’s Sky (NMS)

No Man’s Sky has featured several updates since its initial launch back in 2016. However, perhaps the most exciting of all came with addition of pirates in the Outlaws 3.85 update. Which introduced tons of never-before-seen content like Outlaw Stations and solar ships. Not to mention one cosmetic that everyone’s been trying to get their hands on since called the Shroud of Freedom.

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Here’s how you can get the Shroud of Freedom in No Man’s Sky:

  1. Accept the Under A Rebel Star mission – Visit a regular star system that isn’t controlled by pirates and activate your ship’s pulse drive towards empty space. Wait a few moments, then exit pulse drive and you should receive an emergency broadcast from the starship Signal Echo. Answer the call and accept the coordinates provided.
  2. Examine the distress beacon – Look over the logs within the distress beacon, then choose “Recover cockpit recording” and “Take rendezvous beacon”. Fight off or escape from the incoming sentinel drones and then activate the Rendezvous Beacon in your inventory to receive another mission marker.
  3. Fly to the rendezvous point – Next, you will need to fly to the new rendezvous point and use the Starship Scanner to ping the beacon. Accept the message that comes across the Communicator before proceeding to the next step. Land on the surface of the next planet within the system and use the Sweep Scanner again to find the next location. Which will be an observatory with a terminal inside.
  4. Interact with the terminal – Once you’ve found the terminal inside, interact with it to receive a message and the Ticket to Freedom. Then, go into your inventory and select the Ticket to Accept the Invitation. At which point the mission marker will now move to a pirate-controlled star system.
  5. Travel to the Outlaw Station – Go to the Outlaw Station and speak with the NPCs inside by choosing the “Ask about the Voice of Freedom” option. Once you’ve spoken with enough NPCs, you will be awarded the Shroud of Freedom.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get the Shroud of Freedom in No Man’s Sky. Before you go, be sure to check out some of our other No Man’s Sky content here at Gamer Journalist. Like how to start Beachhead in No Man’s Sky or how to tame the Flying Fart Fish in No Man’s Sky.

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