How to find and kill Empress of Light in Terraria Journey’s End

How to Find Empress of Light in Terraria

The new update for Terraria, titled Journey’s End, brought tons of new content to the game. Over 800 new craftable items were added alongside new enemies and bosses. Two new bosses in the Hallow biome include Queen Slime and Empress of Light. We take a look at how to find and kill Empress of Light in Terraria Journey’s End.

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How to find and kill Empress of Light in Terraria Journey’s End

Much like the Queen Slime, the Empress of Light must be summoned by a special item harvested from the surface of the Hallow biome at night. These butterflies you need to summon Empress of Light are called Prismatic Lacewing.

Once you have your Prismatic Lacewing, you can summon Empress of Light at Night-Time. Make sure you clear out a huge area, which you probably already have specifically for boss fights. When you’re ready, release your butterfly and hurt it to summon Empress of Light.

The boss has a very cool intro scene where she flies around and creates illusions. It lasts a few seconds and then the fight starts. This boss uses a lot of flying projectiles so look out for them. It has many different types of attacks with lasers and stars. She has many different attack patterns and a random movement path.

Empress of Light has a special weapon that can drop if you summon here just as night is about to end and kill her during the day. Other players report you have to summon her in the daytime as well, so you could try both. Catch the butterfly with a net and release it in the daytime to try the other method. A player got this item to drop on an Empress of Light kill on Master Mode:

How to Find Empress of Light in Terraria - Mythical Terraprisma

Mythical Terraprisma

  • 142 Summon Damage
  • Average Knockback
  • Uses 9 mana
  • Summons Enchanted Sword to fight for you
  • +14% damage
  • +11% Speed
  • +5% critical strike chance
  • -10% Mana Cost
  • +15% Knockback

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