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How to find and kill Queen Slime in Terraria

How to find and kill Queen Slime in Terraria

Terraria is full of different kinds of bosses, including the boss in the Hallow biome called Queen Slime. The new Queen Slime boss looks like a gigantic translucent slime with a crown on its head. In this guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know and a few tricks for how to find and kill the Queen Slime in Terraria.

How to kill Queen Slime in Terraria

In order to find Queen Slime in Terraria, you will need to find something called a Gelatin Crystal. These can be located Underground in the Hallow biome and are used to summon the Queen Slime. Before using the Gelatin Crystal, make sure you are in a good location for a fight, so clear out some room. They stack so you can farm up a bunch of them.

Now that you have your Gelatin Crystal, head to the surface of the Hallow biome and make an area for your battle. A lot of people like to build a bridge or something like that to fight the bosses.

The Queen Slime has a few different moves:

  • Jump Attack – dashes towards you
  • Charge Up – Queen Slime charges up and releases projectiles
  • Volatile Gelatin – Releases volatile gelatin periodically
  • Summon Slimes – Constantly summons small annoying slimes
  • Flying – Queen Slime grows wings and chases you around

In terms of fighting this thing, you just want to keep moving around and doing damage as much as possible. This boss has a lot of mobility so not only will it be coming at you, but the little slimes become annoying. On Master Mode, Queen Slime has about 36,720 life.

Fun fact: the Queen Slime can drop Sparkle Slime Balloon item which is filled with Party Girl bath water.

There is a new Hallow boss that spawns after killing a certain butterfly on the Hallow surface at night (or day) called Empress of Light.

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