How to Execute a Fatal Attack in Lies of P?

An attack that can be fatal if you miss your chance to take it
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If you are looking to get in some critical damage against the Bosses in Lies of P, the truth lies within the Fatal Attacks. Using these throughout the game comes relatively easy, depending on the weapon you wield in Pinocchio’s hand. Some are pure powerhouses that dish out incredible damage, capable of staggering the enemy within just a few hits. But the journey to finding these great weapons is a long one, and Fatal Attacks are something that you should be learning from the get-go if you want to stand a chance in this Souls-like. Therefore, this is Vincent’s guide on how to use a Fatal Attack in Lies of P.

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Lies of P Fatal Attack Combat Guide

Fatal Attacks work exactly the same as Critical Attacks in Dark Souls. These heavy attacks can only be activated on a stunned or unaware enemy. You will find that any lower-tiered enemy you come across throughout the Chapters can suffer from Fatal Attacks easily so long as you catch them by surprise.

More powerful enemies, such as Mini-Bosses and, of course, Main Bosses, cannot suffer from Fatal Attacks simply by being unaware of your presence. When looking to execute a Fatal Attack, all you need to do is get close and behind the unaware enemy and look for the red slash symbol on their back to indicate that you can initiate a Fatal Attack. To use a Fatal Attack on a Boss, you will need to stun them. Once successfully stunned, a Fatal Attack can be activated in the correct spot where the red slashes are most visible.

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Lies of P How to Execute Fatal Attacks
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For unaware enemies (lower-tier), all you need to do is successfully get behind them. You must get as close as possible using only the walking cycle, as dashing will alert the enemy to your position. When you are close enough, the red slash indicator will appear. When you see this, you can use a Basic Attack to initiate the Fatal Attack. Depending on your Build and Weapon, you may find that this Fatal Attack cannot take out the enemy ahead of you. We recommend using a Charged Attack to deal more damage to the enemy when it is down, which should finish the job.

If you are looking to take out Mini-Bosses and Main Bosses in Lies of P, you have no choice but to stagger them. To do so, you will need to use combos and Charged Attacks. In most cases, combinations will work best for you as Charged Attacks may be harder to time on powerful Main Bosses such as Romeo. In these cases, playing a more patient game where you get in a combination (we recommend a 3 combo maximum so you don’t get animation locked) and play defensively through guarding or dodge rolling will stack your damage for the next combo you get in. The more combos you successfully execute, the higher the chance of your enemy becoming staggered.

Lies of P How to Execute Fatal Attacks
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You will know when you have successfully staggered an enemy by their change in animation. There is a key visual cue to look out for when you are hoping to get in a Fatal Attack, and that is the slash icon. This can get confused, however, with the stagger bar that appears when the enemy health bar turns white. If this shows, you must hit the enemy with a Charged Attack. This will result in a stunned state that lets you cleanly get off a Fatal Attack. If you use a Basic Attack in the white health bar phase, you will miss the window of opportunity to see the Fatal Attack slash indicator.

Lies of P How to Execute Fatal Attacks
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Finally, some enemies withstand Fatal Attacks from the front, such as Fallen Archbishop Andreus and Romeo, King of Puppets. While others can be attacked from the back, i.e., White Lady and Survivor. Because of this, you will need to be in the prime position to adjust to the slash indicator. Remember to use a Basic Attack as a Charged Attack will override the stagger and get rid of the opportunity to use a Fatal Attack.

That was our guide on how to use a Fatal Attack in Lies of P. For more from this Souls-like, we have more Lies of P content with the best Amulets and Motivity Weapons to use. Be sure to visit our Facebook page so you can see more from Gamer Journalist. Thank you for reading this guide. We hope it was helpful.

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