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How to Defeat the Final Boss in Super Bullet Break

This is it! Game over man!
Final Boss Super Bullet Break
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Here it is, you’ve finally made it! While there is still more to do and more to collect in Super Bullet Break, this is the final big bad boss you worked through 5 video game worlds to get to. SPOILERS! It was Nayuta all along! Well, a version of her anyways. The final boss is nothing to sneeze at and she’s got just about all the power you had to worry about up to this point. Here is how you beat the final boss in Super Bullet Break.

Buggo Nayuta of Super Bullet Breakers

Super Bullet Breakers is the name of the game where all the Singulaladies came from and left to mod and infect the other games and make them unplayable. Now that you’ve beaten them, its time to take on their leader, who they call the Director. You however know her as Nayuta, or at least the bugged-out and modified version of her. The one who’s been helping you all this time was a new version of her created by some scientists to combat this Buggo version of her.

She’s the only boss in this level with one giant map that is twice the length of the usual game maps. Once you reach her, you’ll see just what you’re dealing with due to that intimidating 1000 HP health bar. Being the leader of the Singulaladies, Nayuta can do it all for sure. With the shortest move scale, ranging between 5 and 18 moves, you don’t have a lot of wiggle room. Better make sure you’ve got the absolute best cards you could hope for when you reach her, no space for error.

Battling Nayuta

Nayuta will start off with a level 3 shield rebound and can debuff you, give herself a level 5 to 10 shield and poison you, sometimes all in the same turn!! If that wasn’t enough, we haven’t even covered she can summon buggos. Nayuta summons two missile buggos at the same time and they will blow up in your face per turn dealing 27 full damage. Speaking of damage, if you’re lucky you can deal with her 16 point single attack, or else you have a 12 quadruple strike or a very staggering 8×8 damage point assault that you will need LOTS of defense and healing to keep up with more than a few turns. Then, there’s the worst of the worst, she can ink cloud your cards, keeping you from seeing what you’re playing for 2 full turns.

That’s a lot, of course, but they don’t get called Final Bosses for nothing. So make sure you have all your favorite items to keep her at by, take it slow and steady, and don’t be afraid to go on the defensive for a bit and attack when she’s at her weakest. Good luck and take her down, save all the video games of the world!

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