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How to Defeat Phoenix Gunner Bosses in Super Bullet Break

Dont give up! Relent and fight soldier!
SBB Pheonix Gunner Boss 1
Image Via PQube

Phoenix Gunner is the 4th game world stage in Super Bullet Break. The digital virus plague of the Buggos controlled by the powerful Singulaladies is infecting and modding your favorite games! By now you’ve run through 3 previous stages to get to Pheonix Gunner and know how the battle style of the game works. With Pheonix Gunner, you’re going to have to really focus on using drones. Here’s how to defeat the Bosses of Phoenix Gunner in Super Bullet Break.

Boss 1 Hakua Awayuki

It’s just terrible what this duo is going through! Phoenix Gunner is a shooter game and the buggos have them using swords and hitting people with their rocket launchers instead of firing them! Lucky for you that means they are more blunt and direct in their attack against you and you can strategize quite easily.

Hakua and Awayuki have 102 and 119 HP respectively. Hakua mostly focuses on upping defense and attack for them both while Awayuki has a wide range of damage. Awayuki have an attack of anywhere between 11 double strike, 7 quadruple strikes, and a whopping 10 quadruple strikes of damage. That’s 22 to 40 damage to keep count. Its easy to take her out first since Hakua is so focused on buffs more than attacking herself, but she can do a decent 4 by 4 attack when it suits her. They are pretty fast to take out but you only have about 14 to 20 moves to plan before it their turns.

Boss 2 Mikagura

One of the coolest designs in the game, Mikagura will also be one of your favorite Bullet cards to play once you get her. For right now, however, she’s quite clumsy because of the buggos so it’s time to take her down and she’s got quite the power to make that task difficult.

Super Bullet Break Boss 2 Phoenix Gunner
Image Via PQube

Ontop of her very strong 558 max HP, Mikagura has a very high level of shield and attack buffs that she trades constantly with her ever stronger attacks. Mikagura can attack anywhere between 31 and 55 single damage, and a very scary combo or 19 triple strikes or 24 damage dealing triple attacks as well. If that wasn’t enough, you barely have more than 20 moves to counter or plan against her and she is constantly using her despell technique to get rid of your buffs and defense.

Your best bet is to have a good amount of health and buffer items on top of relying a lot on the Pheonix Gunner Bullets you’ve collected along the way. Keep up a very high defense and constantly use the drones’ abilities to your advantage every turn.

Boss 3 Singulalady Coco

Coco is the most direct and no-nonsense Singulalady. She’s quite confident and even her artwork during the battle seems to have her looking down on you. So we will have to just show her won’t we!

Boss 3 Super Bullet Break Phoenix Gunner
Image Via PQube

Her confidence is quite earned, however. The depth of her 781 HP is quite hard to tackle, especially given she can heal up to 10% of her total health at any time. Coco can also cause your card cost to go up by 2 for 3 full turns, which can make things hard enough dealing with her 18-25 move scale. What you will still need to worry about is the massive amount of damage she can deal. Her base attacks are a chunky 33 and 40 single hits. Then if she wants to be really scary, you have to watch out for her 26 damage double attack and her quadruple attack of 15 damage each.

Spamming your drones for a hard-fought victory might be an understatement. There are plenty of cards you will want to try to get early to help you, but if you’re playing with a mostly Pheonix Gunner deck, make sure you focus a lot on attack and defense drones. Lots of health items on this one too and don’t be afraid to get a delay or defense item as well.

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