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How to Beat Aquarhythm Deep Bosses in Super Bullet Break

Feel the Rhythm!
Octie and Eelie Aquarhythm deep boss 1
Image Via PQube

Super Bullet Break puts a lot of focus on Boss Battles. As you battle your way through each map and each stage, there are bound to be a few unique boss dynamics and super hard meaty health bars to break down. In Stage 3 of Bullet Break, the game Aquarhythm deep is full of musical and aquatic-themed characters and it’s up to you to restore musical harmony! Here’s how to beat the Aquarhythm Deep bosses in Super Bullet Break.

Boss 1 Octie and Eelie

The first double boss of the game. Octie and Eelie are an inseparable musical comedy act that… are breaking up!? How can this be? It’s those darn buggos and the Singulalady modding and infecting the game. You’re going to have to beat these little sweethearts so they can realize they are best friends once again.

Two bosses but with small health bars of 102 and 119 seems easy enough. However, this is Super Bullet Break and you can’t underestimate these girls. While Octie can attack twice with 13 damage she can also ink you. This blinds you from your cards and for a few turns, you can’t see who you’re playing. Better start memorizing your hand! Eelie is all about defense and healing, she doesn’t seem to have attacks.

If you think taking them out quickly as they have a 5 to 20 move scale, that sounds all well and good. Look out though, when you defeat them, they leave a new buggo enemy in their place. Octie leaves behind a much stronger octopus with 67HP, a level 5 shield rebound (causing damage even when you hit them) and a 7 damage quadruple strike. Eelie will leave behind an eel buggo with 83 HP and can summon other, smaller eel buggos with 19 attack each turn.

Your best strategy is to focus on the Combo Beam special attack you get from Aquarhthm Deep Bullet cards and chip down all that HP fast as you can. Try to have plenty of high attack Bullets and the duo will be subdued in no time.

Boss 2 Otohime

The wonderful and lovely princess of the deep herself, Otohime. The magical underwater ruler of the Aquarhythem Deep kingdom has the most beautiful singing voice in the sea… that was until the buggos and Singulalady modded it to being the most painful sound you ever heard!

Princess Otohime Aquarhythm deep boss 2
Image Via PQube

Being the princess, Otohime can attack you and summon buggos all in one turn. She seems to do just that and not much else. This can be a problem if you don’t constantly focus on wiping out the first buggo she summons before she summons another, and possibly another after that. Don’t just focus on her! Her 27 attack damage should be easy to defend against, it’s her many loyal subjects you want to keep at by while also chipping away at her 508 HP. Thankfully this is where wide-range Bullets shine and that Combo beam looks pretty good to deal with buggos so you can keep damaging the princess.

Boss 3 Singulalady Rena

Rena is rather laid back compared to the other Singulaladies you’ve encountered so far. She doesn’t really seem to want to fight, but if you don’t kindly leave, well, she’s just going to have to destroy you.

Singulalady Rena SBB boss 3 Aquarhythm deep
Image Via PQube

That lackadaisical attitude sure has built up a strong defense though. This boss has a massive 721 health you have to work down. On top of that she can heal very high, also create antibodies that help her heal more, and has a level 3 shield rebound! If you don’t watch your health and defense super closely, she also has a devastating 18 damage triple attack, a 22 damage double, and a hefty 29 single attack she switches between when not healing herself so much. You might want to focus a lot on items this time around, healing yourself but constantly debuffing her as you build up your combo beam and defenses.

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