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Best Tips and Tricks for Beginners in Super Bullet Break

So much to take in at once! Here's what to prioritize!
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Super Bullet Break is a roguelike card-based battle strategy game out now on Switch and Steam. Developed by PQube, Super Bullet Break offers a fast-paced deck-building rush using gacha mechanics without any microtransactions. This blistering “on-your-toes” approach however can lead to a lot of mist-steps or flustering choices. There is no deck builder in Super Bullet Break, only continually adding to your deck after rest stops, battles, and events. There’s an easy chance for you to get right in over your head very early, so here’s a simplistic overview guide on having more success with the first world stage of the game in hopes the next stages are smoother sailing. Here are a few tips and tricks to mastering Super Bullet Break early.

Best Tips and Tricks for Beginners in Super Bullet Break

Map out Your Path

The first important thing you’ll notice is the map set up for each level of the game. There are 7 different game worlds (stage levels) that you will explore. The worlds are represented as different games, but your gameplay is the same, think of a game within a game. Each stage has 3 levels of maps you have to clear. These maps are old-school pathways, you choose left, right, or center and continue till the end where that map level’s boss resides. There are 5 different choices, Battle, Event, Rest, Shop, and Treasure.

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While it seems more fun and exciting to go through Battles more and test your might, you start with a very basic set of character cards (called Bullets) and your deck grows relatively slowly. There are 1 through 3-star difficulties for battles. The 3-star matches can be just as hard, if not harder than some boss fights. In all honesty, you are better off choosing Events, Rest and Treasure paths early on more than anything. This will help build your deck for the boss battles down the line that matter much more than any 1 or 3-star regular battle will.

Event, Rest, and Treasure Path Spots

While the non-battle path choices will be easier, not all of them will be fortuitous. Event stops are the biggest random gamble. You might run into a NPC that will gift you something, or you might run into one that will take something away, HP, an item, money, etc. There are even a few occasional Events that lead to a very strong character you have to fight and beat, but if you do, you will be rewarded their overpowered Bullet. They are very much like a mini boss.

Rest points are just that, for free you can get 30% of your health back. For a certain fee that changes, you can gain back 60%. Or if you’re healed up enough, you can swap out a cartridge on one of your Bullets for free. One of the biggest contributions to Super Bullet Break’s difficulty is that after battles you do not regain your health. So if you slip up and get down all the way to just 10 or 30 HP out of your starting 100, you’re in a lot of trouble if you can’t rest and heal before your next battle.

Treasure path stops are the most generous choices you can make on your map. There is no downside. You have 1 choice between 3 golden blocks that will give you either a super good item, some extra Giga (in-game money), or a very strong, usually previously acquired Bullet. However, you can not see which item is where so it is a game of chance. There is however a Treasure Tracker item you can sometimes buy at the Shop path point. It will allow you to see your choice before you make it. That’s a good strategy to employ if you have the Giga to spend.

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The Shop and Scout Tickets

Last but certainly not least, you’ll want to utilize Scout Tickets every chance you get. Scout Tickets are the gacha mechanic of the game. You usually get them as NPC gifts through events, and you can always buy a limit of 1 per every Shop you stop at. Shops have about 7 different items that change with every visit, but the Scout Ticket is the only constant. Once you have some Scout Tickets, you click on the upper right corner with the big silly Uncle Sam impersonating poster that says “I WANT YOU”.

Super Bullet Break Shop
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Now the Scout system is very intriguing. Based purely on word association with specific data entry keyword traits that are used to describe every Bullet character. Once you have unlocked that Bullet once, you can go to the Field Guide on the main screen. Look up their data keywords and take notes if you so chose for future chances to more likely get your favorite Bullets. This way you can receive them early on in the world run you’re playing through at the time. Since you start from scratch with none of the very powerful Bullets in each play-through, maybe memorizing a few of the overpowered Bullets isn’t such a bad idea.

There’s a chance for you to obtain Scout tickets quickly in the first world, Monochrome Tactics, by going through Event spaces and hoping you run into the devil girl Laterna. She will have you answer a single quiz question, and if you get it right you get 2 Scout tickets. Even if you get the answer wrong she will give you 1 ticket out of pity. She only has 3 or 4 questions though, so once you’ve gone through them, getting 2 tickets as early as the first path choice in the game is almost guaranteed.

Lanterna's quiz corner via Super Bullet Break
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