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How to Craft and Use a Heater in Bear and Breakfast

Don't let your guests freeze!
Building a Heater in Bear and Breakfast
Screenshot via Armor Game Studios/Gummy Cat

If you love snuggly games full of adventure and adorable characters, you need to check out the new Bear and Breakfast game. This game has it all: fluffy animals, whimsical adventures, and building top-notch resorts! This game may be centered around building bed and breakfasts, but it doesn’t stop there. You can build huge motels and even ski resorts in this game! A common problem with the ski resorts in Bear and Breakfast, however, is that they can get very cold. No guest wants to stay in a frigid resort, so heaters become essential items very quickly. If you want to know how to build and use a heater to keep your guests from freezing, you’re in luck! This is a comprehensive guide on how to craft and use a heater in Bear and Breakfast!

How to Craft a Heater in Bear and Breakfast

Heaters are very cheap to craft in this game. The first heater you will be able to craft and use will be the Ol’ Grandma Boiler, which only costs 5 copper plates to make! You will be able to get this crafting recipe once you arrive in Winterberry, and complete the “Stone Unturned” quest given to you by Jax. To get the Stone Unturned quest, all you’ll need to do is fix up one of the old ski resorts. All you’ll need to fix them are some basic resources, just like the other establishments in the game. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to complete this process:

  • Open Bear and Breakfast on your PC or Nintendo Switch.
  • Travel to Winterberry, and speak to Jax. After you’ve spoken to him, choose a ski resort to fix up and begin cleaning all the garbage and debris out of it.
    • It’s recommended that you choose the large resort since it’ll be the main one you’ll be using anyways once you begin accepting guests in Winterberry.
  • After you clean all the garbage and debris from the inside of the resort, use some basic materials to finish fixing it up. Once you’re all finished, go back to Jax and speak with him again.
  • Once you speak with him again, Jax will give you the “Stone Unturned” quest. This quest is easy to complete and only requires a quick trip to Whitestone Bay.
  • Once you’ve completed this quest and have returned from Whitestone Bay, speak to Jax once again and he will give you the crafting recipe for your first heater (Ol’ Grandma Broiler).
  • Congratulations! You can now heat your rooms in Bear and Breakfast!
Broiler Crafting Recipe in Bear and Breakfast

How to Use a Heater in Bear and Breakfast

You need to do more than just craft and place a heater for it to work in Bear and Breakfast. Although the process is slightly more complex than you might expect, it’s thankfully still very simple. Using a heater in Bear and Breakfast is just as easy as crafting one!

  • After Jax gives you the heater’s crafting recipe, the “A Hot Reward” quest will begin. All you need to do to complete this quest is install a utility room in your resort and place your heater in it.
    • You would have needed to do this anyway, so this is a very easy quest to complete.
  • Once Jax gives you the crafting recipe for the Ol’ Grandma Broiler, use your crafting recipe to craft it and then build a utility room in your resort. Place your newly-crafted broiler inside the room after you’ve built it.
    • Utility rooms only cost $120 to build and only need to be 2×3 in size, so don’t worry about breaking the bank building one!
  • Go back to speak to Jax and he will give you some fuel to put inside your broiler, so it can begin heating your resort. This will begin the “Creature Comforts” quest.
  • Once you’ve got your fuel, walk back into your resort and walk into your utility room. Press “E” or click on your broiler to open it up, and put the fuel into the tank. This will complete the “Creature Comforts” quest (it’s a very easy quest).
  • You can speak to Jax again if you want to, but either way, you now have a working heater in your resort!
  • Congratulations! You now have a working heater in Bear and Breakfast!

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Keeping your guests from freezing is a simpler task than many might think! Once you get the hang of fulfilling customers’ needs in Bear and Breakfast, everything else in the game seems much easier. Bear and Breakfast is as engaging as it is addictive, you really should consider playing this beary entertaining game if you haven’t already! Gamer Journalist has tons of other guides on Bear and Breakfast, so don’t worry if you ever get stuck in this game!

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