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All Customization Options in Bear and Breakfast

There are a lot of ways to customize your B&B.
Bear and Breakfast Customization
Image via Armor Games Studios/Gummy Cat

If there’s one thing that Bear and Breakfast does well, it’s the fact that it includes tons of different customization options for players to use in order to bring the B&B of their dreams to life. Through the game’s various Crafting Blueprints that can be earned or purchased and the Decorative Items that can be purchased by Took the Raccoon, there is no shortage of items for players to use in their B&B. We’ve managed to figure out every single customization option for your B&B in Bed and Breakfast so that you know exactly what to expect in-game.

All Customization Options in Bear and Breakfast

Bear and Breakfast Winter Gameplay
Image via Armor Games Studios/Gummy Cat

There are two types of customization options to look out for in-game, Blueprints which are used for crafting certain pieces of furniture that are imperative for your B&B as a whole, as well as Decorative Items which can be purchased and have a bigger role to play in the decor aspect of gameplay. Both types of customization options are unlocked over time as you progress through the game’s story and quests. Let’s take a look at them all!

Level One Crafting Blueprints

  • Front Desk
  • Simple Wooden Wardrobe
  • Shabby Wooden Bed
  • Shabby Pallet Bed
  • Wooden Footrest
  • Crappy Toilet
  • Wooden Shower
  • Rusted Bathroom Sink
  • Tiny Buffet
  • Small Plywood Table
  • Little Dinner Stool
  • Puny Cutting Board
  • Cast Iron Stove
  • Small Refrigerator
  • Ol’ Grandma Boiler
  • Tiny Fuel Chest
  • Scratchy Armchair
  • Compact Sofa
  • Sensible Book Case
  • Sturdy Wooden Bar
  • Wood Barstool
  • Basic Beer Tap
  • Small Campfire
  • Sitting Log
  • S’more Station

Level Two Crafting Blueprints

  • Modest Toilet
  • Simple Bathtub
  • Basic Bathroom Sink
  • Rustic Delight Bed
  • Small Vanity Table
  • Cushioned Footrest
  • Small Buffet
  • Sturdy Oak Table
  • Rounded Chair

Level Three Crafting Blueprints

  • Luxurious Throne
  • Lavish Standing Tub
  • Ornate Bathroom Sink
  • Cozy Butterscotch Bed
  • Lovely Lavender Bed
  • Cute Comfy Footrest
  • Hot and Cold Buffet
  • Long Walnut Table
  • Solid Walnut Chair
  • Elegant Wardrobe

Level Four Crafting Blueprints

  • Cute Vanity Table
  • Divin Dijon Bed

Level One Tooks Dumpster Decor

  • Cardboard Box
  • Old Drawers
  • Janky Floor Mirror
  • Small Nightstand
  • Scuffed Cupboard Cabinet
  • Small Oil light
  • Small Bear Painting
  • Small Geometric Rug
  • Oil Wall Lamp
  • Flower Vase
  • Small Potted Prayer Plant
  • Welcome Mat
  • ScentedSticks
  • Rounded Landscape Painting
  • Small Blue Rug
  • Reclaimed Bathroom Cabinet

Level Two Tooks Dumpster Decor

  • Janky Bathroom Mirror
  • Modest Towel Rack
  • Hand Painted Drawers
  • Simple Floor Mirror
  • Oak Wood Nightstand
  • Retro Jukebox
  • Very Rustic Coffee Table
  • Sensible Floor Lamp
  • Medium Knitted Rug
  • Round Rustic Coffee Table
  • Small Abstract Painting
  • Decorative Barrel
  • Sturdy Wood Shelf
  • Book Cabinet
  • Large Snake Plant
  • Possum Clock
  • Small Potted Plant
  • Small Snake Plant
  • Small Table Light
  • Intricate Medium Rug
  • Small Aloe Plant
  • Bear Shelf

Level Three Tooks Dumpster Decor

  • Clean Bathroom Mirror
  • Sensible Towel Rack
  • Ornate Cabinet
  • Country Wood Shelf
  • Double Rustic Shelves
  • Narrow Kitchen Shelves
  • Orderly Wood Pile
  • Small Cloudy Painting
  • Sensible Coffee Table
  • Cuckoo Clock
  • Large Forest Painting
  • Medium Stitched Rug
  • Adirondack End Shelves
  • Critter Totem
  • Happy Fish Plaque
  • Painted Decorative Pot
  • Leafy Contrast plant
  • Rocking Sheep
  • Round End Table
  • Rustic End Table
  • Smol Bear Carving
  • Terrarium
  • Tool box
  • Wall Tapestry
  • Autumnal Medium Rug
  • Small Succulent Plant
  • Chunky Rustic Lamp
  • Art Deco Tiny Lamp
  • Sculpted Nightstand
  • Medium Geometric Rug

Level Four Tooks Dumpster Decor

  • Brass Framed Mirror
  • Minimalist Towel Rack
  • Dependable Cabinet
  • Elegant Floor Mirror
  • Elegant Nightstand
  • Charming Cupboard
  • Dark Wood Shelves
  • Kitchen Spice Rack
  • No Fuss Cooker Hood
  • Egg Carton Padding
  • Cheap Anti-Noise Padding
  • Stone Fireplace
  • Popcorn Machine
  • Candelabra
  • Cherry Blossom
  • Guitar Stand
  • Large Bonzai Plant
  • Blue Decorative Pot
  • Brass Table Light
  • Moose Carving Plaque
  • Stack of Books
  • Large Colorful Rug
  • Ver Large Starry Rug
  • Trendy Kitchen Shelves

Level Five Tooks Dumpster Decor

  • Walnut Cupboard
  • Rococo Lamp
  • Large Well-Lit Mirror
  • Beech Wood Towel Rack
  • Sharp Glassy Cabinet
  • Luxurious Floor Mirror
  • Elegant Baroque Shelves
  • Large Cooker Head
  • Acoustic Foam Panel
  • Vintage Gramophone
  • Large Cozy Fireplace
  • Wooden Beer Barrel
  • Wine Bottle Rack
  • Large Wine Barrel
  • Flower Cart
  • Figurine Shelf
  • YaY Arcade Neon Sign
  • Back to the Arcade Neon Sign
  • GaudyGachapon
  • Snax Vending Machine
  • Crooked Claw Machine
  • Cute Plushie Stand
  • Nacho Machine
  • Nacho Cheese Lamp
  • “Hungry Hungry Bear” Poster
  • “Everyone Loves Hank” Poster
  • Pretty Postcard Display
  • Large Postcard Display
  • Museum Gift Shop
  • T-Shirt Stand
  • Mahogany Side Table
  • Large Geometric Rug
  • Large Leafy Plant
  • Pinecone Low Table
  • Brushed Gold Cupboard

Those are absolutely all of the customization options in Bear and Breakfast! Hopefully, this list allowed you to create some ideas for when you finally have your favorites unlocked so that you can build the B&B of your dreams!

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