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How to Complete The South Lanayru Sky Crystal Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom (TotK)

Find the missing crystal!
The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom
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When you decide to complete the South Lanayru Sky Crystal Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom you should know that you are in for a multilayered puzzle game. You first need to get to the Mayanas Shrine and once there, examine an altar on the north side. The altar will then tell you to “seek the crystal” that is marked by a green beam and retrieve it back to the shrine.

Read our guide for a detailed walkthrough of this quest and find out how to quickly solve every puzzle in the South Lanayru Sky Crystal Shrine.

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How to Get the Green Crystal in South Lanayru Sky Crystal Shrine Quest

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The first thing you’ll notice when you start this quest is that the green beam that is telling you where the crystal is, is actually pointing to a giant floating island above you that you can’t reach by foot. That means you somehow need to get yourself up there. To start with, cross the small bridge until you encounter a broken-down vehicle.

You will need to use the Ultrahand ability to fix the broken machine so you can use it. Grab batteries and place them on engines that look like horizontally placed wheels. After you have done that, stand at the helm of the flying machine, lift it up, and fly towards the big island above you that has the green crystal.

On the Big Floating Island

When you have reached the surface of the giant floating island, you will need to step down one level on one of its sides with your Glider. You will see a big wall of dry lianas blocking your way inside. Destroy them any way you’d like, but we think that burning them is the most effective solution.

You will then find yourself in a courtyard with another broken vehicle and another wall of lianas beyond which you can see the green crystal. Destroy the second lianas wall and grab the crystal with Ultrahand.

Now, before you transfer the crystal out of there, you need to fix the broken flying machine that is laying in the courtyard. First, grab the bird-like part and put it on the wooden board with the tiny wheels on it. Then grab the two engines and place them vertically on the wings of the wooden bird, facing backward. Lastly, put the batteries on top of the engines and put the flying ship’s helm in its place.

Congrats, you’ve got yourself a working flying machine! All you have to do now is bring the crystal on it and fly it back to the altar that gave you the quest in the beginning. After you place the green crystal in the altar you will trigger a cutscene and your quest will be complete.

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