How to complete the Brangelina Challenge in Bitlife
How to complete the Brangelina Challenge in Bitlife

How to complete the Brangelina Challenge in Bitlife

A new Bitlife challenge is available this weekend, and players will have to do their best to imitate Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. To complete this challenge, you’ll need to meet a set of requirements. They include having a ridiculously high net worth, living in Los Angeles, adopting three foreign children, and becoming a famous movie star. Here’s how to complete the Brangelina Challenge in Bitlife. 

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How to complete the Brangelina Challenge in Bitlife

Here are the requirements for the Brangelina Challenge in Bitlife:

  • Live in Los Angeles 
  • Become a famous movie star
  • Build a net worth of at least $200 million
  • Adopt three foreign children

To start things off, make sure to live in Los Angeles with some high looks stats. You want at least 80 on the looks stats when you start, which can be increased later in your life. No other stats matter as much when you’re first starting. As you age your person, make sure to exercise, go to the gym, and do physical activities. Do this every year as you age and complete your primary education.

After high school, it’s time to start your career in the acting world at the bottom of the ladder. Try to get a job as a voiceover actor, and you can age up a few years if you don’t see it in the job list. You should also make sure you have all your social media accounts active. After a few years in your voiceover acting job, you should get a promotion to an actor. 

Continue on this path for a few more years until you get a promotion to lead actor. Keep on this path until you begin to get famous and start making a ton of money. You’ll be earning a few million dollars in no time. If you don’t get that much in 2-3 years of acting, you can find a different gig as a lead actor. 

Around this time, you should start being super active on social media, starring in magazines and commercials, going on talk shows, and anything you can do to increase your fame to 100. You’ll make over a million dollars per gig, which will have you well on your way to the $200m mark. Check this under your assets and finances menu. 

When you have your $200m, it’s time to start adopting some foreign kids. They cost you money, so it might help if you purchase a few properties while you have a ton of money. The value increases over time, and it will help offset the cost of the kids. Go into the adoption menu and look for children with a birthplace outside of the country. You should age up and complete this step three times. Skip a year or two if there are no foreign kids to adopt.

That’s all you need to do to complete the Brangelina Challenge in BitLife. Good luck!