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How to Complete Sylvan Sentinel’s Secret Side in New Pokemon Snap

How to Complete Sylvan Sentinel's Secret Side in New Pokemon Snap

The Elsewhere Forest is home to a wide variety of Pokemon, given its many seasons and habitats. It’s also home to many different LenTalk requests, most of which are difficult due to the many different routes you can take throughout the level. One of the more vague requests revolves around Trevenant. Well, it turns out Trevenant isn’t as scary as it looks, and you’ll need to capture a photo to prove it. Here’s how to complete Sylvan Sentinel’s Secret Side in New Pokemon Snap.

How to Complete Sylvan Sentinel’s Secret Side in New Pokemon Snap

To complete Sylvan Sentinel’s Secret Side, you’ll need to head into the Elsewhere Forest in New Pokemon Snap. Near the start of the level, you’ll come across a Trevenant on your right, the same one you can move out of the way if you want to take an alternate path. 

New Pokemon Snap Elsewhere Forest Request Secret Side

As you approach the area, you’ll see an Espurr standing on the ledge. Do a quick scan to get the Espurr down from there, and then when it lands, make a trail of Fluffruit leading to the Trevenant to its right.

Now, the Espurr must get close enough to the Trevenant for this to work. Once it is in range, you’ll want to toss an Illumina Orb at both the Espurr and the Trevenant, so they are glowing. At that point, Espurr will look like it’s floating away, but it will go into Trevenant’s arms. 

The picture you want is of Trevenant holding the Espurr, and it’s a four-star photo for both of the Pokemon. If you’re looking to complete Sylvan Sentinel’s challenge, though, make sure you get a nice shot of Trevenant as the focus. It’s not too hard of a request, but it is definitely a tricky one to figure out from scratch, and it took us a while to do so.  

FlorioFlorio Nature ParkPark (Day)
Park (Night)
Illumina Spot
Research CampResearch Camp
BelusylvaFounja JungleJungle (Day)
Jungle (Night)
Elsewhere ForestForest
Illumina Spot
MaricopiaBlushing BeachBeach (Day)
Beach (Night)
Maricopia ReefReef (Day)
Reef (Evening)
Lental SeafloorUndersea
Illumina Spot
VolucaSweltering SandsSands (Day)
Sands (Night)
Fireflow VolcanoVolcano
Illumina Spot
DuriceShiver SnowfieldsSnowfields (Day)
Snowfields (Night)
Outaway CaveCave
Illumina Spot
AurusRuins of RemembranceRuins
Illumina Spot
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