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New Pokemon Snap: A Cheeky Pose and 4-star Cutiefly Photo Guide

New Pokemon Snap: A Cheeky Pose and 4-star Cutiefly Photo Guide

The Research Camp area in New Pokemon Snap is one of the shorter levels in the game and is accessible through the main menu. There are a few LenTalk requests from Professor Mirror and company, just like all the other areas, but these are pretty tricky to figure out. In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to complete A Cheeky Pose in New Pokemon Snap and get a 4-star photo of Cutiefly.

The LenTalk request from Rita reads, “Hey, I just saw a Cutiefly make the curest pose! But, it’s such a tiny Pokemon, I can’t get a good picture.” So, being the professional Pokemon photographer that you are, it’s your job to get it done.

New Pokemon Snap: How to Complete A Cheeky Pose

Here’s how to complete A Cheeky Pose request in New Pokemon Snap:

  1. Load into Research Camp on Research Level 1 or higher.
  2. Throw an Illumina Orb at Cutiefly.
  3. Play a Melody for Cutiefly.
  4. Take a snapshot of Cutiefly doing a pose.

To complete A Cheeky Pose, make sure you start on the Research Camp area that begins next to the Research Lab. There are two variants to this map, and you can tell where you’ll start by paying attention to the background on the main menu. 

When you begin the level, you’ll notice a Cutiefly on your right near the flowers. Start by tossing an Illumina Orb at one of them. The Cutiefly will then fly up and position itself behind you. At that point, you can play a Melody, and the Cutiefly should do a pose where it puts its hand on its cheeks. That’s the pose you’re looking for to complete this request and get a 4 Star Cutiefly picture!

How to Complete A Cheeky Pose in New Pokemon Snap

After you get a good picture, turn it into Professor Mirror to complete the request. You can head back to the main menu and check your requests tab to finish this one and unlock the Ribbon 1 sticker. There you have it; that’ show to complete A Cheeky Pose and get a 4-star picture of Cutiefly in New Pokemon Snap. As always, we’re here with a video guide as well, if you want to follow along!

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