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How to Complete Mike is Magical Challenge in Bitlife

Now you can complete Mike is magical challenge too.

The Mike is Magical Challenge is the newest quest in BitLife. It presents the players with multiple tasks which they need to complete with a time constraint looming over their head. It’s a complicated challenge, but players can achieve it after starting a new life.

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You need to complete five tasks to finish the challenge. We are listing the tasks below for your convenience.

  • Be born in Tampa
  • Become a male stripper for 15 years
  • Dance at a nightclub 15+ times
  • Do three different types of drugs
  • Quit stripping to become a carpenter

In this guide, we will walk you through each task and help you complete the challenge easily.

How to Complete Mike is Magical Challenge in Bitlife

This challenge requires you to be a male character. Start your life as a male character in Tampa, which is one of the many cities in the United States.

The next important step is to progress by increasing your character’s looks and health. This will allow you to become a male stripper, which is the next task on the list. Incorporate healthy activities like walking, working out and choosing a good diet. You will also have to use the barber shop to groom your character regularly. Once you feel ready, check the full-time jobs section for stripper jobs. Once you get a job, you need to keep working for 15 years.

To dance at a nightclub over 15 times, you need to visit the Activities section. Hop on to Nightclub towards the bottom of the list. You can visit different clubs and dance, repeat the action for more than 15 times.

While at the nightclubs, you will need to do three different types of drugs to complete the next task. There is a high possibility of getting drugs while you are clubbing. Choose drugs wisely as some of them might damage your character’s health.

The next step is to quit your job as a stripper and become a carpenter. Visit the Occupation section and select the role. Sometimes all occupations don’t show up, so you need to check after reopening the game.

There you go. Complete all the above tasks using this simple guide to finish the challenge in BitLife.

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