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How to Become a Famous Singer in BitLife

Your Bitizen can become a famous musician, join popular bands, hold massive sold-out concerts, and more.
How to become a famous singer in BitLife

BitLife’s Pop Star Challenge urges you to embrace your inner pop star! Your Bitizen can become a famous musician, join popular bands, hold massive sold-out concerts, and more. There are many routes and career choices you can choose. In this guide, we’ll show you how to become a famous singer in BitLife.

Below you can find a simple overview of how to become a famous singer in BitLife. The process is a bit more in-depth than that, though. We’ll also go into more detail about how to increase your chances of getting a call back after applying to a record label.

How to Become a Famous Singer in BitLife

To become a famous singer in BitLife, follow these steps:

  1. Age up to 18 years old
  2. Go into the Occupation tab
  3. Select Special Careers
  4. Choose Musician
  5. Pick Solo Artist
  6. Make your career type Singer

Start a new life and age up to six years old. You can then go into Activities and go to the Mind & Body section. Look for the Instruments option, and you’ll see a massive list of options. Choose an instrument you want to master and begin taking lessons. Let’s say you choose guitar lessons as an example. You can take one guitar lesson every year to increase your skill in that instrument.

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Take Voice Lessons

After you’re at around ten years old, you can go back into the Mind & Body section and look for the Voice option. You can select this to take voice lessons, which works similar to instrument lessons. By the time you age up to about 18, you will have mastered your voice and guitar skills, leaving you with plenty of musical career options. 

Start Your Career

When you’re 18, you can begin applying to become a solo singer or join a band. At this point, it’s up to chance to make it, but the odds are low. You can try some things like going to University and majoring in music to increase your odds. Another thing that helps is getting the “special talent” in God Mode. 

When you apply to a record label to become a singer, you rely on a good performance. There’s a chance your audition goes terribly wrong, in which case you will want to close your app and try again. Try applying to each of the record labels between every restart. Eventually, you will get offered a Record Contract.

Joining a Record Label

The Record Contract will contain your genre of music, record label, cash advance, royalty, and term. If that all checks out, you can sign the contract. Once you have the gig, you can go into the Job section and choose from various options:

  • Album: make a new album
  • Band: team up with a band
  • Concert: put on a live concert
  • Discography: view your discography
  • Practice: work on your skills
  • Quit: walk out on your contract
  • Single: record a single
  • Tour: embark on a world tour
  • Stage Name: adopt a stage name

Try practicing your skills a bit and then releasing a single and then an album. You will eventually get offered appearances on talk shows and other events to promote your music. The record label will also provide you with opportunities to perform at live venues and earn tons of money. 

You may not be able to get your album approved immediately, so keep practicing every year. Keep an eye on your popularity, and keep releasing singles every year. Your old songs might end up making you a lot of money down the line. Head into your discography to see how well your albums and tracks are doing. 

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