How to complete Light a Spark in Watch Dogs: Legion

One of the first missions in Watch Dogs: Legion is to obtain some operations data and disrupt Albion Propaganda. The quest is called Light A Spark, and it’s a good introduction to some of the game’s basic mechanics. In case you’re having some trouble with it, we got you covered. Here’s how to complete Light A Spark in Watch Dogs: Legion.

How to complete Light a Spark in Watch Dogs: Legion

The Light A Spark mission contains two objectives, including acquiring Albion Operations Data and disrupting Albion Propaganda.

Acquire Albion Operation Data

Head to the Royal Courts of Justice location on your map, which should have a marker on it courtesy of Sabine. Make your way through the main entrance, either stealthily or aggressively with your weapon. Watch out for the three or four guards. 

Head up the steps and follow your marker. You will come to a locked area inside a metal cage with a sign saying Albion Protected. Pull out your Infiltrator Spiderbot and deploy it inside the location by tossing it over the wall. Take control of the bot, and interact with the operation data to collect evidence. That’s all for this part. You can now exit the area and proceed to the next location.

How to complete Light a Spark in Watch Dogs: Legion Data

Disrupt Albion Propaganda

To disrupt Albion Propaganda, head to Camden High Street. You can pull up your map with “M” and fast travel directly next to it. Hack all the bank terminals for some bonus ETO while you’re here. Look up at the billboard and hit “Q” to interact with it. 

How to complete Light a Spark in Watch Dogs: Legion Propaganda

Next, head around to the street and hop the fence to get into the parking lot. You’ll see an Ixatech Scissor Lift inside, which you can hack with your middle mouse button. Press “F” to raise it and bring you up to the roof. Hop onto the roof and make your way up the pipe by holding the jump button.

Pick up the +10 Tech Points on the wood, and continue along the roof, hopping over the fences when possible, toward the billboard. Hold jump to clear the gap, and then interact with the ctOS controller powering the billboard. Doing so will disrupt Albion Propaganda and complete the quest.