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How to Complete Lachmann Weapons Testing in Warzone 2.0 DMZ

The return of the infamous Massive Stock Mission
Image via Activision

Warzone 2.0 DMZ reintroduces players to the Mode’s Faction Missions. A lot of these are new types of extraction Missions which include those that require players to hit specific objectives on either Al Mazrah or the new Map, Ashika Island. But with the return of these Missions brings back the dreaded Massive Stock Mission, which asked players to complete a set of objectives with specific weapon attachments at a range of 100+ meters. This ask was a ridiculous one as DMZ experiences rendering issues in that this Mission was almost impossible to complete solo. But this Mission makes a comeback, where players now need to complete the Weapons Testing for the Lachmann. This is our guide on how to complete the Tier 3 Crown Mission ‘Lachmann Weapons Testing’ in DMZ Season 2.

How to Complete ‘Lachmann Weapons Testing’

Activision are evil with bringing this style of Mission back. The issue with this Mission, just like Season 1’s Massive Stock saw players struggle to complete it solo due to its impossible ask. The AI enemies could not successfully spawn in at a far distance in order to get the kills required for the objective. This is a similar case with the ‘Lachmann Weapons Testing’. The only silver lining is that if you have not purchased Modern Warfare 2, you will not need to complete this Mission as the Crown Faction will not be available to you. Of course, if you are here then you require help to completing this difficult task. Therefore, these are our tips to help you complete ‘Lachmann Weapons Testing’.

This entry Mission into Tier 3 of Crown Faction asks players to complete three objectives, all of which require the Lachmann as the primary weapon. You can either use the Lachmann-762 or the Lachmann-556 for completing this Mission. You do however need to have the Platform variation unlocked for these weapons before you get started.

Kill 10 Enemies Under 5 Meters and 5 Operators with a Suppressor

The first and second objectives are relatively simple compared to the last and players should have an easy time completing these. We recommend going to Al Mazrah and heading to any named location (aside from Hydroelectrics) to find the common AI enemies on the Map. These are infinitely easier to beat than the common enemy on Ashika Island, the Shadow Company members. All you need to do is get up close to these enemies and take them out. We highly recommend getting as close as possible, using Stuns or Gas Grenades to halt their movements so you can easily get close to them. Your best bet is to get point-blank kills as these will always count towards the kill counter.

When killing the 5 Operators with a Suppressor equipped on the Platform Lachmann, players should go to the most common spots where Operators can be found. These will be areas such as the Tsuki Castle in Ashika Island, any Dead Drop location on both Maps or waiting for exfil and taking out enemies trying to exfil out of their deployment. The positive part of this Mission is that you have a Suppressor equipped, there will be little to no opportunity for the Operator to take you down, granting you the element of surprise.

Kill 5 Operators Within a Range of +75 Meters

The difficulty of completing ‘Lachamann Weapons Testing’ comes with its final objective. You are required to kill 5 Operators within a range of +75 meters. Unlike Massive Stock however, you should have an easiest time loading in those Operators as they are real players rather than AI which require rendering in at a distance. The best method we can recommend players to utilize when completing this Mission, especially solo, is to use a Sniper as your secondary weapon. This will allow you to use the Towers across the Map in order to set up your Sniping Spot to take out any enemies that are far away. Unfortunately for those who love to play aggressive, this Mission requires you to camp on top of the highest structures on the Map and wait for your prey to arrive.

You need the Sniper Rifle to get the enemy downed in the first place. As they will likely either have Self Revive or be with teammates, you should then use the Lachmann to full kill their downed body. This full kill will count towards the kill counter for this objective. The Sniper we recommend using is the Victus XMR as you will have more chances to correct your shots should you miss at all. If you want to fully embody the ratting lifestyle, equip a Suppressor on your Sniper and hunt those Operators down. We recommend using Al Mazrah again for this objective due to the wide range of UAV Towers available on the Map.

We hope this guide on how to complete Tier 3 Crown Faction Mission ‘Lachmann Weapons Testing’ was helpful. For more DMZ Mission guides, feel free to look at How to Complete Paperweights in Warzone DMZ, How to Complete Handshake Deals in Warzone 2.0 DMZ and more.

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