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How to Complete Paperweights in Warzone DMZ

Shadow company's secrets

Warzone DMZ’s second season has begun, bringing with it several new changes to the game, including a new map. A mission refresh has also occurred, which has redone some progress while providing new balance to the prior faction and tiered missions. Paperweights is a Tier 3 mission for the faction Black Mous. If you know where to search, it might be pretty simple to complete. This article will explain how to complete Paperweights in Warzone DMZ.

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Paperweights in Warzone

This mission requires you, find  and extract the Shadow Company’s Deal Documents, the Shadow Company’s Hard Drive, and the Shadow Company’s Letter. You will earn a Quarry Worker’s Toolbox Key of Used quality and 10,000 XP upon completion of this mission. You will start this operation by going to the Sattiq Cave Complex, but do not enter the tunnels because this mission takes place on top.

Shadow Company’s Deal Documents

Warzone DMZ
Screenshot via Warzone 2 DMZ

The Documents are closer to the center of the cave complex’s summits. It’ll be in a canvas tarp crate beside some wreckage. For map markers, there is a prospective Armory (marked by the ammo refill symbol) and marine petrol station to the east.

Shadow Company’s Letter

Warzone DMZ
Screenshot via Warzone 2 DMZ

The Letter may be discovered on the cave complex’s southern summit. You’ll be on the lookout for an explosive crash scene. The Shadow Company’s Letter may be found on top of one of the tarped objects.

Shadow Company’s Hard Drive

Warzone DMZ
Screenshot via Warzone 2 DMZ

The most tricky of the three objects to find this one requires a bit of finesse to find. Begin by parachuting off the southern peak of the caves and land on the oil pipes that travel above the roads to the south. Follow atop the pipes until you see a large create hanging below. Drop down on top of the create and you will find Shadow Company’s Hard Drive.

Completing Paperweights

Once you’ve obtained all of the items, head to the nearest exfiltration site to complete the mission. If you wish to continue your exfiltration streak, you must first complete a contract. We recommend performing a hostage rescue in order to exfiltrate with the victim rather than at a common exfiltration spot. Once you successfully exfiltrate you will have completed Paperweights in Warzone DMZ.

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