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How to Complete Handshake Deals in Warzone 2.0 DMZ

Going through Hell and back for these precious Documents
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For those who have made it to Tier 4 of Black Mous are in for an absolute treat when facing the Mission, ‘Handshake Deals’ in DMZ Season 2. Whilst this Mission sounds simple as it is another collect and drop off at the correct Dead Drop locations in both Al Mazrah and Ashika Island, a specific objective makes this a true Tier 4 Mission. You will be in and out of deployments when attempting to complete this Mission, but the true test of strength comes from battling it out within the Tsuki Castle walls to obtain the crucial Documents needed for this Mission. For those completing this Mission solo, we hope this guide helps you in obtaining those all important Documents. This guide will show you how to complete ‘Handshake Deals’.

How to Complete ‘Handshake Deals’

This Tier 4 Mission in the Black Mous Faction for DMZ asks players to complete multiple objectives by utilizing specific Dead Drops across the DMZ Maps. This Mission will naturally be completed over the course of multiple deployments, therefore you can run this Mission alongside others to complete objectives across various Faction Missions. The two Dead Drops in question is the Residential Dead Drop in Ashika Island and the Zaya Observatory Dead Drop.

Interestingly, players must also locate the specific Documents needed for the Dead Drops, where the Deal Documents can be found inside Al Mazrah, but need to be dropped off inside Ashika Island. This means that you need to safely exfil with the Documents in hand in order to place these inside the Ashika Island Dead Drop to complete the first objective for this Mission.

Dropping Off Shadow Company Deal Documents in Residential Dead Drop

The first objective is to drop off the Shadow Company Deal Documents off inside the Residential Dead Drop in Ashika Island. But you will not have the Deal Documents on you upon starting the Mission. Instead you need to head into Al Mazrah and collect these important Documents on the surface of the Sattiq Cave Complex. The specific location where you will find the Documents is highlighted in the screenshot below. This item is a white piece of paper which can be found atop a small wreckage. Upon picking this up, you will need to exfil with the item in your backpack in order to take it into the next deployment which will be Ashika Island.

Image via Activision

Next, you need to drop these off at the correct Dead Drop location within Ashika Island. This is inside the Residential named location on the Map, located at the north-east side of Ashika. All you need to do is approach the white dumpster in the area, highlighted in the screenshot below (red dot to pinpoint location) and interact with it. The window will open with the empty slots to place the Deal Documents inside. This will complete the first objective in the ‘Handshake Deals’ Mission.

Image via Activision

Dropping Off Shadow Company Internal Documents in Zaya Observatory Dead Drop

The second and final part to this Mission is to locate the Shadow Company Internal Documents. This is the hardest part of the Mission due to the Internal Documents location being inside the toughest area of the Map, Tsuki Castle. You need to head into the largest building in the area, which will be highly contested by enemy AI. This is almost impossible to head in without being undetected so prepare yourself for a fight. This is definitely one of those Missions that are easier completed with a full squad as you can use your teammates to help you distract the AI as you go in to grab the Documents.

The Documents can be found in the specific spot highlighted by Player 3 on the screenshot below. You need to head up to the first floor and enter the room with a table in the centre and PC monitors on the south side of the room. The Documents can be found on top of this side table, just to the right of the rooms entrance. We highly recommend previously playing through how the Castle operates within the Island so that you have the correct awareness and game sense of the Castle’s layout and where enemies attack from. You should not head into Tsuki Castle unless you are used to fighting in this area.

Image via LaserBolt on YouTube

Be aware that there are Sentries throughout the Castle, alongside lethal traps such as Mines, so be sure to look out for these rather than running through the Castle without second thought. You will not get far if you try to run in and out, evading bullets. You should take out the Sentry Turrets by repeatedly hitting then, using melee from the back so that they cannot shoot you.

How to Complete This Mission Solo

If you are playing this Mission solo, you should fight the enemies within the Castle as slowly and methodically as possible. Do not rush in, but get the enemies attention and use the entry points to create a bottle-neck effect with the AI. You should use a Munitions Box to replenish Lethal Equipment as this will be highly useful for the close-quarter combat within the Castle Walls. Be sure to use Self Revives as you will have to regain the Documents if you were to die in the game.

After collecting the Internal Documents, you need to once again safely exfil with this in your backpack. Once you are back in Al Mazrah, head to the Zaya Observatory Dead Drop as highlighted in the screenshot below. It can be found between the two horizontal buildings next to each other in this small area. By placing this inside the Dead Drop you will have successfully ticked off this objective, thus completing the ‘Handshake Deals’ Tier 4 Mission in DMZ.

Image via Activision

That was our guide on how to successfully complete the Tier 4 Black Mous Faction Mission, ‘Handshake Deals’ in Warzone 2.0 DMZ Season 2. For more Season 2 Mission guides, we have How to Complete Non Discriminatory in Warzone 2.0 DMZ, How to Complete Paperweights in Warzone DMZ and more available at Gamer Journalist if you are interested.

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