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How to Complete Head-to-Head Competition in New Pokemon Snap

How to Complete Head-to-Head Competition in New Pokemon Snap

There are dozens of LenTalk request tasks for the Florio Nature Park area. One of the earlier ones is called Head-to-Head competition, and you’ll need to get a picture of some Bouffalant fighting. There’s a little trick you can do to make this happen, and we’ll show you what you need to know. Here’s how to complete Head-to-Head Competition in New Pokemon Snap.

The LenTalk request reads, “I saw some Bouffalant start fighting all of a sudden! I wasn’t expecting that at all.”

How to Complete Head-to-Head Competition in New Pokemon Snap

To complete the Head-to-Head Competition LenTalk request from Rita, you’ll need to head to the Florio Nature Park (Day) area on any research level. Ensure you have the tool available that lets you play a musical melody from your cart (by pressing the right bumper).

Upon starting the level, you’ll notice a big field of Bouffalant to your right, along with a big wooden sign. The trick here is to start playing a melody as soon as you get close enough to the Bouffalant. Apparently, this is a fighting song for them, and it riles them up! As soon as you do that, two of the Bouffalant should start charging at each other and ramming heads. You may also need to toss an Illumina Orb at one of the further Bouffalant to trigger it to attack if you’re having trouble.

Next, make sure to get a good snapshot of two of the Bouffalant ramming heads. You may want to wait until you go past them a little bit and then look behind you to get a better angle. You might get a prompt that says, “you really nailed the timing on that one!” After you get a good photo, it’s time to exit the research and hand in your photos to the professor. If you have a bunch, make sure you pick one that is four-star and includes two Bouffalant ramming heads. After turning in the right photo, you should see the “request complete” notification.

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