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How to Unlock Illumina Orbs in New Pokemon Snap

How to Unlock Illumina Orbs in New Pokemon Snap

New Pokemon Snap has a couple of different items you can use to lure out Pokemon and interact with the environment to set up some fantastic photos. One of these items is called Illumina Orbs, and they’ll make crystablooms and Pokemon glow or enter the “Illumina state” for a little while. So, here’s how to unlock Illumina Orbs in New Pokemon Snap.

How to Unlock Illumina Orbs in New Pokemon Snap

To unlock Illumina Orbs in New Pokemon Snap, you’ll need to be at the point where you have the Jungle (Night) area of Belusylva unlocked. Head into the Jungle (Night) level and search for a glowing Crystabloom so that Professor Mirror can analyze it for you. The Glowing Crystablooms grow on Belusylva Island and give off a yellow glow.

Each region has its own version of Illumina Orbs, which you can always unlock by scanning for and photographing Crystablooms. For example, the pink Illumina Orbs are unlocked in the Maricopia region by analyzing the Pink Crystabloom found on the Seafloor area.

Where to find the Glowing Crystabloom in New Pokemon Snap

If you’re having trouble finding the glowing crystabloom, it’s near the end of the Jungle (Night) level on your right side. It’s near the Leafeon if that helps you at all. You’ll need to hit the scan button to analyze your surroundings, and you should get an alert when it’s nearby. When it comes up on your scanner, pull out your camera and take a shot of it.

Complete the Jungle (Night) level and turn in the photo of the Crystabloom to Professor Mirror, as you would any other Pokemon. He’ll say, “This is a Belusylva Island crystabloom! This is the first time you’ve photographed one in the Illumina state!” Afterward, Professor Mirror will tell you he has some news for you, which is when he gives you the Illumina Orbs.

Illumina Orbs come in handy when you’re trying to complete specific LenTalk research tasks. One of the early LenTalk requests early on, Meganium’s Pal, requires you to use this item.

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