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How to Complete Eyes and Ears in Warzone 2.0 DMZ

No need to rush this
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The ‘Eyes and Ears’ Mission can be difficult if you choose a route into Tsuki Castle that will quickly punish you for attempting to get into the Castle solo and through the main gates. However, in completing the Mission in what we are about to describe below, you are required to obtain the Tsuki Castle Hideout Key in order to get into the Castle itself from the entry point we recommend. Whilst ‘Eyes and Ears’ can be completed in various ways, this is our recommendation when facing this Mission head on. Be sure to prepare for this Mission can get ugly. This is our guide on how to complete the Tier 4 Black Mous Mission ‘Eyes and Ears’ in Warzone 2.0 DMZ Season 2: Reloaded.

How to Complete ‘Eyes and Ears’ Mission

Where to Obtain Radio Transmitter

But firstly, players will need to obtain the Radio Transmitter which can be found inside the Beach Club Dead Drop. You should attempt this Mission first thing upon spawning into DMZ, no matter your spawn point as players will be using this Dead Drop for both this Mission and Whistleblower (Crown Tier 1 Mission). However, this Dead Drop will not be a hot-spot so you will not need to worry about other Operators unless they spawn in along the coast. Refer to the screenshot below of the Beach Club Dead Drop location (green player 1 icon). It is located behind the Gas Station north of Beach Club named location.

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How to Kill the Bombmaker

Now if you do not want to go into Tsuki Castle guns blazing, trying to avoid Sentries and traps all around the Castle grounds, we recommend killing the Bombmaker from the outside. We go into full detail on how to do this at: How to Kill The Bombmaker for Delicate Movement & No Traipsing to Trapper Missions in Warzone 2.0 DMZ. But in summary, you can easily kill the Bombmaker through the rooftops, look for the specific spot where you need to go via the screenshot below.

From here, you can either shoot through the rooftop windows on the South-East side by using Snapshot Grenades to highlight the Bombmaker (wearing cap) where you can then use a Sniper to kill the Boss without him ever seeing you. Or you can use an Assault Rifle, the UAV Tower to gain information and just shoot through the same window up close and use Drill Charges and Munitions Boxes to replenish ammo and equipment. Important note: The Bombmaker is always located on the upper floor of the Castle. With the Bombmaker killed before enemies have time to react, you should head to the Waterways Tunnels to continue the Mission.

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Where to Find Tsuki Castle Hideout Key

Now that you have the Radio Transmitter you need to get the Tsuki Castle Hideout Key. This Key, just like the other Special Keys in DMZ is obtained through random drops. It can be found in various ways but do not deploy into a Mission expecting to get this Key immediately. Instead, players should loot the bodies of both low-level and high-level enemies, in Ashika Island however, simple Shadow Company Personnel is good to focus your bullets on. You can also complete HVT Contracts and loot the Target as they always hold a Key on their person or loot Duffel Bags, Orange Supply Crates and check the Buy Station for a possibility of purchasing the Hideout Key here.

We cannot recommend a specific way of getting the Tsuki Castle Hideout Key as its drop is rare and randomized. But if you do find it, or have found it before this Mission, be sure to keep it on you so that you can take it into your next deployment for ‘Eyes and Ears’. When you have the Key you need to enter the Waterways Tunnel, located on the west side of Tsuki Castle.

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How to Enter Tsuki Castle and Plant Radio Transmitter Inside

Once inside the Waterways Tunnel, be sure to have Flashes and Stun Grenades equipped so that you can slow down any enemy AI. Swim along the Tunnel for as long as you can, then climb the right side. From here, you will need to fight your way through all the way until you have found the Submarine. When you find it, you need to look North-East to find a small turn away from the Tunnel where a Zipline can be found, taking you into the Castle grounds. This is where the Hideout Key is needed. You can unlock the doors here (white cross marked with graffiti) and head inside.

We have highlighted the Waterways entrance (cream arrow), where you will find the Zipline (red dot and arrow) to enter the Castle and the location of the Security Desk to plant the Transmitter (black star).

Image via Activision

How to Plant Radio Transmitter

You need to get to the upper floors of the Castle, with the Bombmaker killed from earlier you should have less enemies to take on inside. The Central Security can be found in the screenshot above, all you need to do is go up to the Desk and interact in order to successfully plant the Transmitter and complete the final Objective. Once done, you must Exfil safely otherwise you will have to repeat this Mission. So make sure that you are taking this slowly and cautiously, do not rush especially inside the Castle otherwise you may have to retry this Mission from the beginning. Be sure to bring a Self Revive Kit, especially if you are attempting this Solo.

Thank you so much for reading, we hope this Mission guide was useful for you. We have a lot more Call of Duty content, error code fixes and guides available at Gamer Journalist. From Warzone 2.0 Weapon recommendations to DMZ Mission guides, please check out Gamer Journalist if you are interested in reading more from the team.

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