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How to Kill Velikan in Firing Power Mission in Warzone 2.0 DMZ – Guide

The Hitman of DMZ
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So you have made it to the end of White Lotus Faction where the Missions are getting tougher and tougher. With little Missions taking place inside Building 21, this is when the Faction takes a turn towards not only finding a specific item/Weapon on the Map but using the Weapon to kill a pair of strong AI enemies that can be hard to kill depending on your firepower. But the ‘Firing Power’ Mission itself can be tricky if you do not know where to look and who you specifically need to take on to complete the Objectives. For that reason, this guide will show you how to complete the Tier 5 White Lotus Mission ‘Firing Power’ in Warzone 2.0 DMZ Season 2: Reloaded.

How to Complete ‘Firing Power’

The ‘Firing Power’ sounds simple although its execution can be tough due to the confined area of which it needs to be completed in. As the Mission takes place in Building 21, players need to obtain the RGL-80 to then use it against the Building 21 Boss, Velikan and any Armored Commander. But finding this Rocket Launcher can be difficult although not impossible. Here is how to beat this Mission.

Before we get into it however, you need to obtain a Building 21 Access Keycard. The best way of obtaining one of these however is to check and loot the Supply Drops which will alert you when they are dropping into the Map. These will likely have the Building 21 Access Keycard. Their icon on the Map to look out for when dropping in is the yellow airplane which will pass over the Map once. Alternatively the Building 21 Access Keycard can be found within Orange Supply Crates, Safes and on higher valued Targets such as HVT Contract Targets. They can also be purchased through Buy Stations.

For this Mission you will need to find a minimum of two Access Keycards to enter the Building 21 Map twice for two separate deployments.

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Where to Find the RGL-80

The RGL-80 can be found in Building 21 as the primary weapon of Velikan himself. Because of this, you will need to complete this Mission across multiple deployments. The first being the preparation for ‘Firing Power’ as you enter Building 21 for the specific reason of obtaining his RGL-80 by killing him and then safely exfiling with this Weapon in hand. The problem with this is that Velikan only spawns in within the last 5 minutes of the match, meaning that you need to survive for 20 minutes until this Boss makes his appearance. When he is nearby however, as in spawned in, you will receive a notification in your POV to tell you that Velikan is in Building 21 with you.

How to Defeat Velikan

Defeating Velikan to obtain the RGL-80 can be difficult, especially if you are riding Solo for this Mission. We highly recommend bringing a Munitions Box with you as you will likely go through a lot of ammo taking this Boss on. You should use Lethal Equipment whenever you can; Grenades, C4, Thermites on him when he exits the elevator from the top floor. Be sure to utilize Tactical Equipment too such as Stuns and Flashes so that you can pummel him with multiple magazines before he can react with his RGL-80. When you kill him you need to take the Weapon and exfil with it. As the RGL-80 is a Contraband Weapon you need to make sure that you do not die with it otherwise you will have to kill Velikan again outside of ‘Firing Range’ to obtain this Weapon once more.

Finding Velikan for an Ambush

When taking Velikan on with the RGL-80 in hand, you should aim to set up nearby the upper floor elevators where this Boss should exit out of after he spawns in. There are multiple elevators however but you should start with the central elevator as the best bet for his spawn in point. This will allow you to catch him off guard where you can repeatedly shoot with the RGL-80. You can also set up a Sentry Gun to do a ton of damage on him so that he is weak enough to finish his health pool off with the RGL-80. The Sentry Gun can be picked up via Orange Crates through a bit of exploration in Ashika Island or Al Mazrah.

How to Kill the Armored Commander

The Armored Commander, also known as the Juggernaut can be found on Al Mazrah. So you should be looking to complete the Mission in this order: Obtain RGL-80 via Velikan, use it to kill the Boss when you return to Building 21 to obtain another RGL-80 (if you are with a Squad), then go to Al Mazrah to kill the Armored Commander with the RGL-80. The Juggernaut can be found within the Weapon Case area, the yellow circle with a question mark on the Map. You will know when he spawns in as you will get the ‘Juggernaut is Nearby’ notification alongside his theme song (great throwback to Modern Warfare 2 Spec Ops Missions).

The Juggernaut uses a Mini-gun as his primary Weapon so you need to keep a safe enough distance away from him, so make sure that you have designated a building as your point of safety and attack when taking the Armored Commander on for the final part of ‘Firing Power’.

Use Buildings and Height to Your Advantage

To kill the Armored Commander you should use buildings to your advantage as natural cover as the Juggernaut is a hard hitting machine who can easily take you down. You should aim to kill as many common AI enemies in the area before you trigger the Juggernaut. When the Juggernaut is triggered, make sure that you are in a building that you get easily get to the roof to get pop shots off on him using Assault Rifles before he can get close. You will need to shoot quite a few magazines into him so make sure that you have Munitions Boxes available to use to replenish ammo. You should also use Stuns and Flashes in case he gets close.

Finish the Armored Commander with the RGL-80

You should be shooting him with an Assault Rifle or a Sniper Rifle getting those critical headshots until his armor breaks. When broken this is when you switch to the RGL-80 to deal the final blow. With both the Armored Commander and Velikan defeated, the ‘Firing Power’ Mission will end.

We hope this guide on how to complete the ‘Firing Power’ Mission for Tier 5 White Lotus Faction in Warzone 2.0 DMZ Season 2 was useful. Thank you for reading! We have many more DMZ Mission guides available at Gamer Journalist if you are interested.

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