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How to Kill The Bombmaker for Delicate Movement & No Traipsing to Trapper Missions in Warzone 2.0 DMZ

An ambush through the Castle walls
Image via Activision

Operators will be well versed in tackling the Radiation Zone within Al Mazrah in order to take down The Chemist. But with the newest Map, Ashika Island introducing players to a fast-paced, action-packed Fortress of the Tsuki Castle, a new Boss within is the toughest to beat. Because of this, new Missions within the Crown Faction have been added as part of DMZ Season 2, looking for the bravest of players to take The Bombmaker down. If you are up for the challenge, this is our guide on how to successfully kill The Bombmaker in Tsuki Castle for the Crown Faction Missions, ‘Delicate Movement’ and ‘No Traipsing to Trapper’.

How to Complete Crown Tier 3 Bombmaker Missions

Both Bombmaker Missions can be found within Tier 3 of Crown Faction. Of course, these Missions are only available to those who have purchased Modern Warfare 2. Both of these Tier 3 Missions require players to defeat the Bombmaker under very specific conditions. ‘Delicate Movement’ asks players to kill the Bombmaker without triggering a single trap. As you know, the route within Tsuki Castle is a deadly zone filled with booby-traps. From mines to sentries waiting for you to mess up. Getting within these walls stealthily is a tough task to achieve on its own without asking you to avoid all traps.

Both ‘Delicate Movement’ and ‘No Traipsing to Trapper’ can be completed at the same time as of Season 2’s release February 15th, 2023. Whether or not this will change is entirely down to Activision but for now, you can beat two Crown Missions in one by killing the Bombmaker under specific conditions. The second Mission ‘No Traipsing to Trapper’ requires you to kill the Bombmaker within 60 seconds of entering the Courtyard of Tsuki Castle. You should definitely aim to knock both Missions out in one deployment as the option is there to do so.

Prepare for the Fight

Before you head into Tsuki Castle you need to prepare your equipment. The two most important pieces of equipment you should bring in with you are Munitions Boxes and Drill Charges. You need quite a lot of these (approximately 6-10) to take with you as you will be attacking the second floor of the Castle from the Castle rooftops. By attacking from the outside, you will limit the amount of damage taken from AI and be able to kill The Bombmaker without being seen.

When setting up, you need to take all of your equipment to the south side of the Tsuki Castle, as highlighted in the screenshot below. This is your primary point of attack. Whilst you can use Snapshot Grenades in order to see the enemies position inside the upper floor of the Castle, it is not essential to completing this Mission. But this piece of equipment is more useful than other Tacticals for these Bombmaker Missions.

Image via Activision

You can also use the UAV Tower as a means of locating the general direction of the enemies whereabouts within the Castle. Make sure that you are not seen on the outskirts of the named location. You are not required to enter the Castle interior to complete these two Crown Missions. In regard to your Tactical Equipment, you can bring in Snapshot Grenades to get a good idea of the enemies whereabouts. This will also highlight where The Bombmaker is as his model where a baseball cap which will be outlined by using the Nade. For Weapons, you can either use an Assault Rifle or a Sniper Rifle with penetrating ammunition such as Armor Piercing.

How to Defeat The Bombmaker

When entering the Castle grounds, you want to enter from the south side and getting on top of the hill that stands beside the Castle. From here, you will want to jump off and pull your Chute which will allow you to drop onto the Castle rooftops. There are covered windows to your left which will be your primary focus of attention when attacking. If you opt for Snapshot Nades, use these to outline where the enemies are initially. As soon as you do this they will become aware of your position and gather around the window side. Now, use your Drill Charges to take out the Trophy Systems inside and then to attack the AI who typically have Riot Shields.

As you will note the Trophy Systems getting destroyed and clicking away damage against the AI through the walls, The Bombmaker should appear. However, you will not know whether he is here at the time of your initial attack. So what you need to do is continue to shoot through the window, keeping on the south side of the rooftops. This is why Munitions Boxes are so incredibly important as you will need to replenish your ammo as you empty your mags into the windows. You will know that you are shooting The Bombmaker when his health ticks away with the visual of the crosshair connecting as damage hits. Shoot halfway up the window to increase your chances of getting headshots against the enemy AI. The Bombmaker will always appear on the upper floor of the Tsuki Castle.

Alternatively, use the Snapshot Grenade to outline The Bombmaker (enemy in baseball cap) and then use your Sniper Rifle from the hill side mentioned above. This will also penetrate through the window and you will be able to get clean shots on him through the Castle walls.

Remember that you do not need to go inside the Castle to defeat The Bombmaker. Therefore, the main part of the Mission you must focus on is defeating this Boss within a time frame of 60 seconds. Thank you for reading, we hope this guide was helpful. For more DMZ content, check out our website for various Mission guides.

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