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How to Collect and Use the Nimbus Cloud in Fortnite: All Nimbus Cloud Locations

Take to the Fortnite skies with the new Nimbus Cloud!
Dragon ball fortnite crossover image of goku flying in on nimbus cloud
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Fortnite recently collaborated with Dragon Ball to incorporate some of the most iconic gear from the popular anime series. Whether you’re looking to wreak havoc in the Rave Cave as Goku or demolish your surroundings with the use of a Kamehameha. This new crossover event has created one of the most exciting atmospheres in Fortnite history.

However, what everybody wants to know is how they can get their hands on the legendary Nimbus Cloud. So, this guide will break down everything you need to know about how to collect and use the Nimbus Cloud in Fortnite. Including all of the Nimbus Cloud locations.

How to collect and use the Nimbus Cloud in Fortnite: All Nimbus Cloud Locations

The Nimbus Cloud (or the Flying Nimbus) is a flying yellow cloud that was Goku’s primary mode of transportation in Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. In Fortnite, the Nimbus Cloud offers players a way to fly around the map at high speeds without using any energy.

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Unfortunately, you won’t have access to one right away and the item is actually listed as a Mythic. Which means that it will come in very limited quantities in any match. Luckily, there are a few easy things you can try to collect and use a Nimbus Cloud sooner rather than later.

  1. Speak to Bulma at Kame’s House – The fastest way to collect the Nimbus Cloud in Fortnite is by speaking to Bulma at Kame’s House. Which is a new location that can be found on the Eastern edge of the map on a small circular island just East of the launchpad. Be aware that the item will cost you 250 Gold.
  2. Capsule Corp capsules – Alternatively, you can also obtain the item through the Capsule Corp capsules. Which are tiny items that spawn in random locations across the Fortnite map. While these items can be tracked on your in-game mini map, this is far from a guaranteed method to acquire the Nimbus Cloud since they spawn at random. Although, it’s also the only method that doesn’t cost Gold Bars or V-Bucks.
  3. Dragon Ball Vending Machines – You can also purchase the Nimbus Cloud from one of the Dragon Ball vending machines. Which can be found at Loot Lake, Rave Cave and Rocky Reels. This is one of just two special items you can buy from the vending machines and it will cost you 250 Gold Bars.
  4. Dragon Ball Item Shop – Lastly, if you’d prefer to bypass the hassle of having to find it in-game, you can also purchase it from the Dragon Ball Item Shop. Currently, it costs 800 V-Bucks on its own or 2,600 V-Bucks as part of the Dragon Ball Gear Bundle. Which includes the Nimbus Cloud, the Space Pod Glider, the Fusion! Hah!! Emote, Kamesennin’s Staff Pickaxe and Kamesennin’s Shell Back Bling.

Once you’ve collected a Nimbus Cloud, you can then equip it and automatically start flying before slowly descending. At which point you can then use it as a glider to traverse around the all-new Dragon Ball Adventure Island!

Keep in mind that while you won’t be able to travel a great distance on the Nimbus Cloud, it’s still one of the faster modes of transportation. So, it’s perfect for quick getaways.

That’s everything you need to know about how to collect and use the Nimbus Cloud in Fortnite, including all of the Nimbus Cloud locations. If you’re interested in more Fortnite content, be sure to check out our guides section here at Gamer Journalist. Where you can find information like how to get all Dragon Ball Fortnite skins or the best controller settings for Fortnite.

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