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What Does LBR mean in Dragon Ball Legends?

Quick Goku needs your help! Chi-Chi wants to know what LBR means and why Goku has to leave to compete in it. He's not quite sure himself, actually.
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Dragon Ball Legends is no stranger to limited timed events or modes. New movie releases and more provide developer Bandai Namco Entertainment with plenty of tie-in events to host year round. One recurring abbreviation that is seen in game time and time again is ‘LBR‘. Players unsure of what this is have been asking the question: what does LBR mean in Dragon Ball Legends?

What Does LBR mean in Dragon Ball Legends

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Image via Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.

LBR or, Legends Battle Royal is a recurring limited time mode in Dragon Ball Legends. A PvP mode similar to ranked matches except in this mode, all character classes and levels are equalized. Since this is a LTM, the only way to participate in the event is by using a Legends Battle Royal entry ticket. Being able to collect 2 tickets a day from the PvP screen over the course of the event, you have limited amount of attempts at trying out this new game mode. Winning fights and completing missions will reward the player with limited time titles, crystals and so much more.

Each time LBR comes back there’s always a slight tweak in the certain characters eligible to be used for the event. Sometimes characters with certain tags will only be allowed to fight, other times only characters that were released at a certain time can participate. BNE has tried to make an event that further bridges the PvP gap between hardcore and casual players. Let’s face it, no one really benefits from getting stomped into the ground in any PvP centered game mode. Some fans inside the DBL community have even lobbied to keep the LBR mode as the official PvP ranked mode, and push the current ranked mode into a casual friendly PvP experience. Regardless, make sure to keep an eye out in game for the next Legends Battle Royal so you can snag some limited timed rewards.

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