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How to Change Shot Meter in NBA 2K21

How to Change Shot Meter in NBA 2K21

Whether you’re a lights-out shooter like Curry or an athletic 3-and-D wing like Kawhi, learning how to master your shot meter is paramount when it comes to beating out the competition on the court. NBA 2K21 has been subject to various changes, with one of the most notable differences being the new and “improved” shot meter. While you can adapt to the new design, many fans simply choose to change the shot meter or turn it off entirely. In the following section, we will go over how to change your shot meter in NBA 2K21. 

The shot meter will pop up with every shooting motion in the game (jump shot, layup, etc.). The goal is to release the shot as close to the middle of the meter as possible. It will give you an “excellent release,” turning the meter green and just about guaranteeing a basket. The shot meter is the perfect way to practice your shooting form and improve your shot timing throughout your career. 

How to Change Shot Meter in NBA 2K21

When it comes to changing your shot meter in NBA 2K21, many fans choose to either turn it off entirely or work within their level of difficulty.

How to turn off the Shot Meter in NBA 2K21

Many fans may simply want to revert to their old ways and make the game more realistic by turning off the shot meter entirely. To turn off the shot meter, you will have to go to options and look for the controller settings. With these settings open, you can find the shot meter near the top of the settings menu. From there, you will have three options other than to turn it off or on: it can be either on, off, or free throw only.

One can also make the game more realistic with some minor tweaks to the NBA game sliders. Although, a large portion of 2k gamers prefer to turn the shot meter off because it can sometimes be a major distraction in pivotal points in the game. Some players would rather rely on their timing, as you can generally figure out the apex of a player’s jumpshot through simple trial and error. Once you’ve mastered a specific shooting form, you can find the perfect release point just based on feel alone. 

Shot Meter Difficulty

The level of difficulty you play at will have an impact on the shot meter as well. The harder the level of difficulty, and more challenging it will be to time your shot perfectly. So, if you play on a “Hall of Fame” difficulty, you can expect it to be much harder to get an “excellent release.” 

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