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How to Build the ULTIMATE Spike Wall in Sons of the Forest

Those cannibals won't know what hit them!
Going After Cannibals in Sons of the Forest
Image via Endnight Games

If you loved fighting against hordes of twisted mutants and bloodthirsty cannibals in The Forest, then you’ll love trying to survive in its sequel, Sons of the Forest. Sons of the Forest is a brutal survival horror game that not only pits players up against cannibals and mutant creatures, but also against the environment itself! Literally everything is trying to kill you in this game; if you love struggling to survive and being terrified while you do it, then you definitely need to add Sons of the Forest to your game collection.

As previously mentioned, literally everything is trying to kill you in this game. Melee weapons combined with offensive measures don’t always cut it; sometimes you just need help in the form of giant spike walls to defend yourself from enemies. Keep reading to find out how to build yourself an ultimate, defensive spike wall in Sons of the Forest!

How to Build the ULTIMATE Defensive Spike Wall in Sons of the Forest

Start with a Frame

You need to start with a frame no matter what you’re building in Sons of the Forest, and that includes ultimate spike walls. Lay down a frame wherever you want your spike wall to be, and make a 2×2 rectangle with whole logs on the ground. You can place more of these depending on how large you want your spike wall to be, but it’s recommended that you start off with just one at first.

Once you’ve got your frame, grab three half logs and bring them over to your frame. Stick the half logs vertically on the sides of the frame that will be facing the enemy. Then, grab three more whole logs, and place each of them like ramps on each of the frame’s three half logs, on the side that won’t be facing the enemy.

Next, to close up the frame, place two more whole logs on top in between the ramps (the ramps that you made on the frames with the half and whole logs).

Make Some Steps

At this point, your frame should look like one big hollow ramp. Once you’re at this point, grab some more logs and make some stairs within the side that won’t be facing the enemy. The stairs will allow you to safely climb and stand on top of the spike wall while you shoot/draw-in enemies. Once you add the stairs, your spike wall should look a bit like wooden bleachers.

Stabbing a Cannibal in Sons of the Forest
Image via Endnight Games

Make a Ramp

Once you’ve got the stairs in place, go around to the opposite side of the wall and place three more diagonal whole logs on the frame’s three half logs. Doing this will essentially be repeating the last step when you made the stairs.

However, instead of filling it in with wooden stairs, you’ll want to fill in the empty spaces with smooth split logs. That side of the spike wall (the side that will be facing the enemy, without the stairs) should look like a smooth ramp of wood when you’re done.

Add the Spikes

You’re going to need a lot of sticks to build this spike wall in Sons of the Forest, so make sure you’ve gathered up as much as possible before you start adding spike traps. You’ll also want to stock up on rocks as well, as you’ll be reinforcing the spikes with rocks.

For the first set of spikes, you’ll want to stab a line of sticks into the top of the frame of the spike wall. You add however many sticks that you like, just make sure you’re stabbing them into the whole logs on top of the frame that you added in step one (the ones that closed off the frame).

After you’ve got the first row done, go down to the base of the ramp and just keep adding as many sticks as possible to the smooth side of the wall. Once you’ve placed as many sticks that will fit, use your axe to chop them all into sharp spikes; make sure to chop them angled outwards. Although it’s not strictly necessary, you’ll want to reinforce each of the spikes with a few rocks so they’re more durable against enemies. This way, you won’t have to replace the spikes as often.

Once you’re done with this step, you’ll be completely finished with your ultimate spike wall in Sons of the Forest! By building multiple spike walls around each other and standing inside, you’ll be completely unstoppable in Sons of the Forest!

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Spike walls aren’t necessarily cheap to make, consider all of the logs, sticks, and rocks that you’ll need to gather, but neither is dying and losing all of your progress! If you love playing Sons of the Forest but find yourself struggling to survive, then check out Gamer Journalist’s guides for how to get the Red Mask and where to find the pistol!

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