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How to Build Stone Structures (Stone Walls, Stone Beams, and Stone Columns) in Sons of the Forest

We're going into stone age!

Stone was finally introduced in Sons of the Forest and now your building opportunities have vastly improved. You can create a more versatile base, with stronger walls and houses. But this new material doesn’t exactly behave like other ones so you need to make sure you’re fully familiar with it before you use it for constructing your favorite buildings.

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Dive into our article and discover what is the best way to build stone structures in Sons of the Forest and additional tips and tricks that will make this process easier.

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Building With Stone in Sons of the Forest

As we mentioned stone is a new construction material that can allow you to make stronger and more durable buildings. However, not a lot of stones are laying around so you will need to prioritize what sort of stone buildings you will be needing first before you start constructing anything.

Nevertheless, even though stone is a rare material to find, you will be able to stack it in the new and upgraded sled and carry a pretty decent amount around. There should be plenty of stones near different campsites and rivers.

Having said that, you should know that you can build the following things with stone in Sons of the Forest:

  • Stone Wall
  • Floor foundation
  • Stone Fireplace
  • Stone pillars
  • Stone entrance to the base

How To Build with Stone in Sons of the Forest?

Building with stone is fairly simple as it is similar to other construction materials such as logs. When you wish to build a wall all you need to do is just lay around an array of stones and then continue placing new ones on top of them until you’ve reached your desired wall length. If you need a pillar you place the new stones on top of an already placed stone in the ground.

Further, when you create a stone wall, you can attach a rope to it for easy climbing which is always handy. Stone fireplaces will come in handy as they can now allow you to create a fire in them and be used for cooking. You can read more in our article about stone fireplaces.

How to Get Unlimited Stones in Sons of the Forest?

Since stone is not easy to get in vast quantities, we should mention that there is a tiny glitch in the game currently that allows you to get unlimited stones. All you need to do is start creating a stone pillar. After placing two or three stones on a single one you will notice that you will get a pretty high pillar that has more stones in it than you have put. Break it down and collect all the stones that were part of it. Repeat the process for a limitless amount.

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