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How to Beat GTA Online’s Diamond Casino Heist

How to Beat GTA Online Diamond Casino Heist

Heists are one of the absolute highlights of GTA Online. They offer players the opportunity to team up with one another and earn valuable loot by completing challenging missions. However, heists like the Diamond Casino can be difficult to complete if you aren’t an experienced player. Here’s how to beat GTA Online’s Diamond Casino Heist.

Diamond Casino Heist: Before The Heist

In order to gain access to the Diamond Casino Heist, your character will first have to purchase one of the game’s six arcades. They range in price from about 1.2 million to 2.5 million. Speak to Lester in Mirror Park to gain access to them, and then purchase whichever arcade you want.

Pixel Pete’sPaleto Bay$1,235,000
Videogeddon La Mesa$1,875,000
Insert CoinRockford Hills$2,345,000
Eight BitVinewood$2,530,000

After you’ve purchased an arcade and gotten it up and running, you can get started with the Diamond Casino Heist by entering Lester’s underground base. Here, you’ll find three blackboards, which correspond to the three stages of the heist. The first is called The Set Up.

Diamond Casino Heist: The Set Up

To complete this phase of the heist, you’ll first need to scope out the casino. Your goal here is to find the safest entry points to the casino, its vaults, and its most valuable loot. Players will be able to randomly select from the loot options:

  • Diamonds: $3,290,000
  • Gold: $2,585,000
  • Artwork: $2,350,000
  • Cash: $2,115,000

Once you’ve scoped out the casino and selected which type of loot you’re going after, your next task will be to select the approach you want to take. Your options will include the Silent and Sneaky stealth way, the Big Con method utilizing tricks and disguises, or the Aggressive way, which forgoes subterfuge in favor of pure force.

Diamond Casino Heist: The Prep

This phase is when you’ll handle the logistics relating to your upcoming heist. Players will need to hire a crew of NPCs, select the vehicles they’ll use, and potentially choose from disguises and other items based on which approach you’ve decided to take. There are many options to consider here. The right ones ultimately come down to personal preference.

How to Beat GTA Online’s Diamond Casino Heist

One of the joys of GTA Online’s heist is the myriad of ways you can approach each job. For the best results, we recommend utilizing the Big Con method and entering the casino through the Gruppe Sechs entrance. If you end up choosing this method, you can complete the Diamond Casino Heist relatively easily by following these steps:

  1. Enter through the casino’s underground garage
  2. Take the elevator to reach the vault
  3. Run past any guards you encounter instead of killing them
  4. Use the vault keycard and let the casino worker you see open it for you
  5. Take out all of the loot
  6. Leave the vault through the casino’s staircase
  7. Before you exit, change your disguise in the casino’s locker room to remain anonymous
  8. Exit the casino with the loot through the staff door

That’s it. Once you’ve finished these eight steps, you’ve successfully beaten the mission. We hope this GTA Online Diamond Casino Heist guide helped you figure out how to proceed. Good luck, and enjoy spending your newfound millions. For other GTA Online heist guides, check these out:

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