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How to beat Arlo in Pokemon Go for July 2020

How to beat Arlo in Pokemon Go for July 2020
Image via Niantic

Trying to figure out how to beat Arlo in Pokemon Go for July 2020? Arlo is a Team GO Rocket Leader, alongside Sierra and Cliff. You can encounter Arlo, other leads, and even the boss Giovanni, during the Team GO Fest Battle Challenge. 

To encounter Arlo and other leaders, you will need to find mysterious components and create a Rocket Radar. You will then see balloons occasionally float by your location. Tapping on the balloons will start an encounter with either Grunts, Decoys, or Leaders, depending on your Rocket Radar progress. 

How to beat Arlo in Pokemon Go

The balloons appear randomly above your area, and the leader your face will be random. Arlo, and other GO Team Leaders, are fierce opponents, and their line-ups are different this month. You may want to make sure you have an excellent line-up ready to battle to defeat them. There are many possibilities of team combinations you can use to trounce Arlo. 

By understanding his possible line-up, you can be well prepared for the fight. Here’s a look at Arlo’s Pokemon line-up for July 2020.

Pokemon #1

  • Pineco: Bug-type
  • Mawile: Steel/Fairy-type

Arlo no longer has a Bagon, and now has a Pineco instead. Pineco is a Bug-type Pokemon who’s weak to Fire, Flying, and Rock moves. Mawile, on the other hand, is vulnerable to Fire and Ground. Considering both of Arlo’s first choices are weak to Fire, that may influence your decision and have you lean towards a Fire-type like Blaziken. However, keep in mind his next Pokemon choice. 

Pokemon #2

  • Charizard: Fire/Flying-type
  • Steelix: Steel/Ground-type
  • Blastoise: Water-type

Charizard is weak to Electric, Rock, and Water. Steelix is weak to Fire, Water, Ground, and Fighting. Blastoise is weak to Grass and Electric. Machamp with Cross Chop and Counter is always a good option here. You can utilize him to stop the enemy’s Pokemon in their tracks for three seconds whenever they use an attack or switch out a Pokemon.

Pokemon #3

  • Scizor: Bug/Steel-type
  • Salamence: Dragon/Flying-type
  • Dragonite: Dragon/Flying-type

Scizor is weak to Fire, while Salamence and Dragonite are both weak to Ice, Fairy, Dragon, and Rock. Considering the previous Pokemon options, a Rock/Ground-type Pokemon like Rhyperior is a solid choice. Against the Salamence, an Ice-type Pokemon is also a great option. 

There is no “wrong” line-up you can use, as long as it wins the battle! Additionally, you will likely have no issues defeating the first two Pokemon. We recommend saving the shields for the end. There’s also a good chance you will want to switch some Pokemon depending on his line-up. 

Potential rewards for defeating Arlo include Pineco (s) and Mawile (s). Now that you know how to beat Arlo in Pokemon Go, it’s time to put your Pokemon to the test.

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