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How to Beat Arlo in Pokémon GO (June 2021)

How to Beat Arlo in Pokémon GO (May 2021)

It makes me weirdly happy that Team Rocket’s collective fashion sense has evolved at least somewhat beyond skin tight black bodysuits and bullwhips. No, really, remember in Gen 1? All the Rocket Grunts carried huge bullwhips, it was super weird. Take a look at Arlo; he’s got the body suit, but he also knows how to accessorize with the vest and big glasses. That style carries over into his skill as a Trainer. Here’s how to beat Arlo in Pokémon GO, specifically in his June 2021 incarnation.

How to Beat Arlo in Pokémon GO (June 2021)

To beat Arlo in Pokémon GO, you’ll need to know his Pokémon lineup to come prepared. Like his fellow Rocket Admins, Arlo has one designated sidekick Pokémon that he’ll always throw at you first, followed by two pools of three different Pokémon he could pull. Here’s how Arlo’s lineup looks:

  • Phase One: Beldum
  • Phase Two: Gardevoir, Infernape, or Aggron
  • Phase Three: Armaldo, Salamence, or Scizor

For the first phase, Beldum can be a bit of an annoying Pokémon to get a handle on, but it does have a critical weakness. As a Steel/Psychic type, Beldum’s natural enemy would then be a Ghost/Fire type, yes? Yep, you know what it’s time for: our old friend Chandelure. With doubled-up Fire moves, Chandelure’s insane DPS can make quick work of even Beldum’s thick skin.

Phase Two is a little trickier, as there isn’t a lot of weakness overlap between Gardevoir, Infernape, and Aggron. You might just have to take a shot in the dark and pack a good all-rounder. Metagross is a solid choice, as it can beat down Gardevoir with doubled Steel moves, and you might also be able to use it in Phase Three. However, if he brings out Infernape, that could bite you in the back. A powerful Psychic type like Mewtwo would be better suited there. If Aggron comes out, a Fighting type like Machamp or Conkeldurr is what you want.

Phase Three is where things are gonna become make or break. If you packed Chandelure or Metagross for the first two phases, you might be in luck, because those two Pokémon are fantastic against Scizor and Armaldo, respectively. If you get unlucky, he’ll throw out Salamance, which means you’ll need to allocate space for a strong Ice type like Mamoswine. 

The fight’s a bit of a dice roll overall, but if luck is in your favor, the chips will fall right where you need them to.

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