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How to Beat Seasons of Love Bosses in Super Bullet Break

Defeat in the name of Love!?
Super Bullet Break Boss Seasons of Love
Image Via PQube

Boss Battles can be what you live or die for in a game. Some are thrilling and others can be a downright slog. In Super Bullet Break not all boss battles will be exciting, but can be difficult non the less. In stage 2 of Bullet Break, the game Seasons of Love keeps to formula, but it is a dating sim game so you are fighting… lovesick middle school girls. Doesn’t sound too appealing, but make no mistake they won’t go easy on you so you can’t either. Here’s how to beat the Bosses in Seasons of Love in Super Bullet Break.

How to Beat Seasons of Love Bosses in Super Bullet Break

Boss 1 Shion Ayamisawa

Shion is a strong and independent classic Tsundere type. However, the buggo virus and the Singulalady that has invaded the Seasons of Love game, have made her more distant despite the player knowing she has affection for her. That just won’t stand will it! Shion is pretty straightforward. With a move scale of 15-26 steps before it’s her turn. Her strength is in her attack power which ranges from 28 to a dangerous double attack of 31 each, she’s mostly an all-steam ahead attack boss. She can also summon buggos and up their attacks as well. With a 255 HP gauge, she is relatively easy to take down, just keep your attacks up and build your Heartsplosion meter as fast as you can.

Boss 2 Erika Kawasumi

Erika SBB Seasons of Love Boss 2
Image Via PQube

The usually quiet and calm loner class president isn’t quite herself and it’s up to you to bring her back to what makes her special. Erika’s move scale and attack power are pretty standard. You have about 10-25 moves to strategize against her. Her attack power is a bit more docile, with 14 damage or a double strike of 24. However, she has a killer spell that can cost you 3 more moves for every Bullet card you play for up to 3 turns, so it might take longer to defeat her. She also can summon her own buggos but usually does it late in the battle so you may just be able to ignore them if you’ve brought her 483 max HP down enough. Once again, a fast build-up of Heartsplosion is key, and always keep an eye on your health and defense.

Boss 3 Singulalady Misa

Misa is of course in love with the mysterious “Director“, the boss of the Singulaladies. It is why she has invaded and wishes to destroy Seasons of Love, her love is the only pure one. Her dense 657 HP along with a very troublesome new ability, shield rebound, makes chipping away at her a bit difficult.

Singulalady Misa SBB Boss 3 Seasons of Love
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Shield rebound makes you take damage equal to 25-40% or so of the full damage you hit her with. So if you hit her with a big 30 damage or so, expect around 6-9 damage back at you. On top of that she has a whopping 19 damage triple attack she can deal on you, so be super attentive of your shield, armor, and health. You can have as little as 5 moves or up to 27 to plan what to do to keep yourself afloat. Make sure you’ve got some powerful Heartsplosion cards on you.

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