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How to Acquire Cyphered Tablet MW3?

Retrieve the slab!
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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Zombie mod puts players in quite a different situation compared to the base game. This time, you are going against the hordes of mindless enemies that cannot be negotiated with. In this situation, you need any kind of resources you can muster up. Fortunately, the game provides some helpful items.

In Act 1 of the Zombies campaign, you will eventually reach the Tier 5 missions. There are three missions in Tier 5: Hands Off, Blasted, and Bring ‘Em On. The tablet is a mission-specific item, so it will appear after you clear the Bring ‘Em On mission. After completing the objectives, which usually boils down to killing a lot of zombies, you will get awarded a Cyphered Tablet.

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How to Find Cyphered Tablet?

The crucial thing in discovering the Cyphered Tablets is the choice of your field upgrades. The upgrade that works best is Frenzied Guard. Now, here’s a tricky part. Before dropping into a zombie’s match, you need to add this field upgrade to your character’s equipment list. However, and this is very important, make sure you add the Bring ‘Em On mission to your sheet. If you don’t do that, the Cyphered Tablet won’t appear at the end of the mission.

Bring ‘Em On Walkthrough

All in all, completing the Bring ‘Em On quest steps is all that’s required for you to get the Cyphered Tablet. You and your MW3 team have to use the Frenzied Guard Field Upgrade to take down at least 50 zombies to complete this assignment. Upon activating the Frenized Armor Field Upgrade, all nearby enemies will be forced to target you for the next ten seconds as your armor recovers to completion.

All opponent kills during this period will heal your armor, making it harder for enemies to take you down. However, if you don’t have a sufficient weapon to protect yourself, a big horde will easily overwhelm you. It’s up to you and your personal preference to choose whichever loadout you’re the most comfortable with. Personally, I would recommend close-quarters weapons, such as shotguns and LMGs, because those zombies will be coming for you in droves.

After you’ve used the Frenzied Upgrade to re-unalive all 50 zombies, the next task is to eliminate a Special zombie with your team by using the Frenized Guard ability somewhere on the map. It’s comparable to the previous challenge, except you have to battle a more powerful zombie. After you defeat the final zombie, this zombie will drop the Cyphered Tablet. You can pick up the tablet and then go to the nearest exfil location on the map, which will bring you back to the menu screen. Then you can congratulate yourselves because you obtained the Cyphered Tablet.

The Cyphered Tablet is a specific item and it takes a certain process to obtain. For more related content, check out our articles Is Golden Enigma Bugged in MW3? and How to Get 25 Kills While in Tactical Stance in MW3?

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