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How many players is Hyper Scape battle royale?

How Many Players is Hyper Scape

Hyper Scape is the new first-person shooter battle royale game from Ubisoft. The game’s selling point is its interactive Twitch integration, where players can vote on events to influence the match. Aside from that, many mechanics are similar to other games, and it is comparable to Apex Legends in a sense. 

You might be thinking about waiting in line for a technical test key, but first want to know how many players can play Hyper Scape together.

How many players is Hyper Scape battle royale?

Hyper Scape matches require squads of three players. You can queue up with a party of three, or you can choose to queue solo and be placed with two strangers to fill up your squad. The choice is yours, and the different options are available in the Hyper Scape hud that players load into after launching the game. Matches consist of a total of 99 contenders, or 32 other squads aside from your own.

It seems to be a growing trend for battle royale games to be completely team-based. We saw Call of Duty’s Warzone launch without a solo queue option, only to add it later after community feedback. Apex Legends is a similar story, though it is more understandable for a game like that. Apex characters synergize well together in three-person squads. 

Currently, Hyper Scape is in early access mode and partnering with Twitch for in-game promotional drops. The in-game drops include a chance at access to the “technical test.” This version of the game is what you can see people play now on Twitch. 

We will have to wait and see if Ubisoft adds more modes. It looks like additional game modes are in their plans, though. We can see two additional locked game modes that are not yet available from the play menu.

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