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How Many Followers Can You Have in Cult of the Lamb?

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New Follower Form in Cult of the Lamb
Screenshot via Massive Monster/Devolver Digital

In its first week, Cult of the Lamb has amassed a total of 1 million cult leaders, all of them embarking on their macabre quest. To put it another way: that’s 4 million Bishops to defeat. More than 12 million mini-bosses to conquer. To do all that, you’d need to recruit a lot of followers. Is there an in-game limit to the number of followers one could theoretically recruit? That’s what we’re here to find out.

How Many Followers Can Be in Your Cult?

It’s currently unclear if there is a hard limit on the number of followers you can recruit. But, if there is a limit, we know that it’s no less than 100. Twitter user @KingFrench23 posted a video showing off their cult, which had exactly 100 followers. It doesn’t seem to be a glitch, given the official @cultofthelamb account retweeting it with the caption: “anyone else feeling their heartrate go up watching this?”

Though, this definitely seems like an outlier rather than something the average player will experience. I accomplished most of what the game has to offer, and I found that 20 followers is the bare minimum. And by that I mean the game can not be fully completed with less than 20 followers in your cult. If this information is expanded with an actual cutoff for the follower count, we will update immediately.

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