How Do You Become a Famous Writer & Author in BitLife? Answered
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How Do You Become a Famous Writer & Author in BitLife? Answered

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BitLife offers many career choices in the game. While some career options are more traditional, there are streams you can choose to become famous. You could become a very famous singer in the game if you like. There are tons of options you can explore. However, in this guide, we will dive deep into becoming a famous writer and author.

How Do You Become a Famous Writer & Author in BitLife

You first need to become a writer and then gain popularity to become famous in the game. That said, it isn’t straightforward to become a popular writer. You need to write consistently for a few years. Every simulation is different, so you could become famous in a couple of years or it could take five whole years in-game to get the popular writer’s title.

It is best to upgrade your smarts attribute to be a talented writer. You can do this by reading lots of books and visiting the library very often. Remember, early preparation gives you a greater chance of becoming a quality author. Studying hard in school, taking memory test mini-game and even gardening can raise your smarts.

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While your character ages, it will go through the schooling and university phases. Make sure you keep constant attention on all attributes and to keep them high throughout your character’s journey. Getting good grades in your academics will also help. After your graduation, get a good degree from a University. This will increase your probability of getting popular with a writer’s job.

After you are ready, apply for a writer’s job. You can do that by exploring the careers category under the job tab. Once you are working as a writer, choose the work harder option under the same tab. This will also age you by a few years. If you are lucky, you will get the “Famous” pop-up soon. As a famous writer, you will write books and earn a lot of money. Being famous also brings in the paparazzi, talk shows and request for advertisements.

That’s all the information you will need to become a popular writer in the game.

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