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Hero Wars tier list (August 2022)

Find out where your favorite characters rank in the Hero Wars tier list
Hero Wars tier list

With so many heroes to choose from in Hero Wars, it is important to know which heroes you should focus on and build. That’s why we put together this Hero Wars tier list, which includes a breakdown of every character in the team. We also outline some good example teams you can use to dominate, with a few options depending on which heroes you have.

Remember, every team in Hero Wars utilizes a tank, a damage class (or two), support, and a healer. You will always want to follow this team composition, and you can find a Hero Wars tier list down below for every category.

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hero wars tier list

Hero Wars tier list

  • S-Tier – Aurora, Astaroth, Martha, Celeste, Nebula, Jorgen, Faceless, Lars, Krista, K’arkh, Cornelius, Keira, Maya, Yasmine
  • A-Tier – Cleaver, Galahad, Andvari, Ziri, Dorian, Helios, Sebastian + Jet, Alvanor, Satori, Orion, Peppy, Dark Star, Elmir, Daredevil, Ginger, Lian, Phobos, Dante
  • B-Tier – Rufus, Corvus, Markus, Thea, Tristan, Arachne, Kai, Ishmael, Qing Mao, Heidi, Chabba
  • C-Tier – Luther, Morrigan, Isaac, Mojo, Jhu, Artemis, Fox, Lilith, Astrid & Lucas, Judge

Hero Wars Facebook (FB) tier list

  • S-Tier – Aurora, Astaroth, Celeste, Isaac, Jorgen, K’arkh, Krista, Lars, Martha, Sebastian, Yasmine
  • A-Tier – Andvari, Cleaver, Corvus, Dante, Daredevil, Dorian, Faceless, Galahad, Helios, Ishmael, Jet, Jhu, Keira, Luther, Morrigan, Nebula, Orion, Peppy, Qing Mao, Rufus, Satori
  • B-Tier – Alvanor, Astrid and Lucas, Chabba, Cornelius, Dark Star, Elmir, Fox, Ginger, Heidi, Kai, Lian, Maya, Phobos, Markus, Mojo, Thea, Ziri
  • C-Tier – Arachne, Artemis, Lilith, Judge

The top-tier (or S-Tier) is filled with the best heroes in the game. Aurora has a nice dodge and team buff dodge mechanic, allowing her to offset lots of damage. Astaroth is easily the best tanking hero in all versions of Hero Wars. He fulfills the tank and support role. You can get Astaroth via soul stones or through various stages in the campaign mode.

Jorgen is another top-tier hero with not many counters in the game, which is especially true if you do not have Sebastian. K’arkh is another excellent hero, capable of dropping three enemies at one time! Yasmine is another strong attacker, but it can be countered by Helios. Martha is the best healer, and Celeste is the best dual-purpose healer/attacker.

Hero Wars tank tier list

  • S-Tier – Aurora, Astaroth
  • A-Tier – Cleaver, Galahad, Andvari, Ziri
  • B-Tier – Rufus, Corvus, Lilith
  • C-Tier – Luther, Chabba

Hero Wars healer tier list

  • S-Tier – Martha
  • A-Tier – Dorian
  • B-Tier – Markus, Thea

Hero Wars support tier list

  • S-Tier – Celeste, Nebula, Faceless, Jorgen
  • A-Tier – Alvanor, Helios, Sebastian + Jet
  • B-Tier – Judge, Tristan
  • C-Tier – Morrigan, Isaac, Mojo

Hero Wars mage tier list

  • S-Tier – Krista, Lars
  • A-Tier – Orion, Peppy, Satori, 
  • B-Tier – Arachne, Kai

Hero Wars physical tier list

  • S-Tier – Cornelius, K’arkh
  • A-Tier – Dark Star, Daredevil, Elmir, Ginger
  • B-Tier – Dante, Fox, Ishmael
  • C-Tier – Artemis, Jhu, Astrid & Lucas

Hero Wars damage tier list

  • S-Tier – Keira, Maya
  • A-Tier – Yasmine, Lian, Phobos
  • B-Tier – Heidi, Qing Mao

Hero Wars best teams

Here are some of the best teams in Hero Wars:

  • K’arkh, Astaroth, Jorgen, Faceless, Martha
  • Elmir, Jhu, Orion, Dorian, Helios
  • CLeaver, Satori, Jhu, Celeste, Peppy
  • Aurora, Krista, Sebastian, Celeste, Lars
  • Astaroth, Kiera, Sebastian, Jet, Martha
  • Lars, Krista, Jorgen, Celeste, Astaroth
  • Dorian, Astaroth, Kiera, Jet, Martha
  • Corvus, Morrigan, Keira, Astaroth, Faceless
  • Orion, Helios, Nebula, Dorian, Astaroth
  • Jet, Astaroth, Kiera, Nebula, Martha
  • Astaroth, Jasmine, Maya, Arachne, Thea

There are many more viable Hero Wars teams, and these are just a few of the best options.

That concludes our Hero Wars tier list for mobile and FB, but you can check back later for more updates during future patches!

Hero Wars is available on Google Play and the App Store.

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