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Gumball Factory Tycoon Codes (August 2022)

Play Gumball Factory Tycoon to the fullest with the best promo codes!
Roblox Gumball Factory Tycoon Codes Screen
Screenshot via Roblox

If you love gumballs and colorful tycoon games, then you need to play Gumball Factory Tycoon! Gumball Factory Tycoon is a free-to-play game offered on Roblox, and is appropriate for all ages! Roblox is a free, online gaming platform that has exploded in popularity recently. Thanks to the launch of Roblox, gamers across the globe have been gifted with many new unique, imaginative games. Many of the most popular games offered on Roblox are tycoon games, which are games that allow players to build businesses from the ground up to earn exponential profits!

Gumball Factory Tycoon is a tycoon game that features, as the name would suggest, gumballs. From the moment they log in, players can immediately reserve a plot of land and begin selling gumballs to begin their sugar-coated enterprise. As the game progresses, players are able to gain exponentially more resources and upgrades for their factory; it’s not difficult to get the financial ball rolling in this tycoon game. Money may not be difficult to build up in Gumball Factory Tycoon, but it can get tedious. If you want to build your gumball factory empire fast, use these promo codes for a boost!

All Gumball Factory Tycoon Codes

Last Checked: August 1, 2022.

Current Codes:

  • SUGARGUMBALLS — Redeemable for Triple Sugar Rush, $5,000.
  • FUNGUMBALLS — Redeemable for Free Rewards! (Must be a member of group)
  • 60KLIKES — Redeemable for Double Sugar Rush, $8,000.
  • 10KCASH — Redeemable for Free Rewards! (Must be a member of group)
  • MOREGUMBALLS — Redeemable for a Double Sugar Rush, $4,500.
  • 45KLIKES — Redeemable for a Double Sugar Rush.

Expired Codes:

  • 4THOFJULY – Redeemable for a free Upgrader, Firework, and Sugar Rush buff
  • YUMMYGUMS – Redeemable for $1,500 and a free Sugar Rush buff
  • MOARMONEY – Redeemable for a free Sugar Rush buff and 2x all accumulated cash
  • MORELIKES – Redeemable for $600 and a free Sugar Rush buff

What Can Coins Be Used for in Gumball Factory Tycoon?

Gumball Factory Tycoon is a tycoon game, so its in-game currency is extremely pertinent to the success of any playthrough. Coins can be used to purchase bigger and better upgrades to keep your gumball factory working as efficiently as possible! Coins can also be used to purchase resources, such as prime gumballs that can be sold at higher prices for a healthier profit.

How do you Redeem Promo Codes in Gumball Factory Tycoon?

If you want to build your gumball empire to be the biggest it can be, you’re going to need some promo codes. Redeeming codes in Gumball Factory Tycoon isn’t difficult, but it can be confusing if you don’t know where to start. If you want to redeem your codes, just follow these steps:

  • Open Gumball Factory Tycoon in Roblox.
  • There should be five icons on the right side of the screen. Click on the small “settings” icon.
  • A small window should appear with a list of the game’s settings. Directly beneath this list should be a small textbox, where players can input their codes. Accurately type the promo code into this textbox.
  • Once the promo code has been typed into the textbox, click the “redeem” button, located to the right of the textbox.
  • Your code should now be redeemed.

Roblox has hundreds of tycoon games to choose from; if you’re having trouble sticking with one game, check out Jujutsu Tycoon or Anime Battle Tycoon. If you love playing Roblox games and love getting free rewards, Gamer Journalist has thousands of Roblox codes for you to explore! Don’t forget to bookmark this page so you don’t miss out on any Gumball Factory Tycoon codes!

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