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Fortnite NBA crossover could bring some baller skins in future update

Image via Epic Games

The launch of today’s Fortnite update has data miners hard at work digging through the files for some fresh leaks. It looks like they’ve uncovered some files that imply an NBA x Fortnite crossover which will bring some basketball player skins into the mix. Earlier this season, we saw Neymar Jr, a world-famous soccer star, make his way into the mix, so we don’t doubt the validity of these leaks. Here’s what we know so far about the alleged upcoming Fortnite NBA crossover.

Fortnite NBA Crossover

As per leaks on Twitter from ShiinaBR, Guille_GAG, and HYPEX, players got an in-depth look at some potentially upcoming Fortnite x NBA crossover skins. Here’s a tweet from ShiinaBR’s Fortnite leaks Twitter account with more details of the upcoming basketball player skins:

Fans of the game seem a bit disappointed on social media by the lack of actual NBA superstars. Judging from the pictures, they’re simply using the same old Fortnite models dressed in basketball attire. Obviously, it’s too soon to say anything for sure, and we could see some more in-depth collaboration with stars like LeBron James. Only time will tell, though.

In the meantime, the Teen Titans Cup is right around the corner, meaning players will have an opportunity to compete to win a Beast Boy skin if they manage to score enough points and work their way to the top of the competitive leaderboards. 

If you’re not the competitive type, don’t worry because the Beast Boy skin is set to show up in the in-game item shop in a few days anyway. The skin will be in the shop along with some other related cosmetics like the Garfield Logan skin variant, Couch Titan back bling, BB’s Bonk Bat pickaxe, and a Go Ape emote.

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