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Fortnite Golden Mushroom Location: the rarest item in the game

Fortnite Golden Mushroom Location

Epic Games is no stranger to incorporating rare items throughout Fortnite. In the middle of last month, we saw Bud the Mushroom briefly added to the game. In Season 2, we saw the Mythical Gold Fish. Now, a Golden Mushroom has the chance to appear in-game for a lucky player.  

What is the Golden Mushroom?

If you consume the Golden Mushroom, you can gain 100 shields immediately. Gathering it returns it into a standard mushroom form, which only grants the player the regular five shield points. Let’s say you’re lucky enough to find this rare item; it might be a good idea now to grab it off the ground.

Fortnite Golden Mushroom Location

The Golden Mushroom is an ultra-rare occurrence within Fortnite. It has the chance of spawning at any regular mushroom spawn location. The chances of it showing up are 0.0001%, or 1/10,000. A Fortnite Golden Mushroom location is not something you can go around looking for, because is it completely random. 

Popular Fortnite streamer and content creator SypherPK recently uploaded a video to YouTube where he details his quest in finding the elusive Golden Mushroom. 

There are a few different locations where groups of mushrooms can spawn. Some areas include the zone north of Misty Meadows. Many of the previous mushroom locations no longer exist due to the flooded island.

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