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Fire Emblem Engage – Best Support Conversations

Work through building up some of the most rewarding bonds in the game!
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Like any Fire Emblem game that contains a support conversation system, the latest mainline entry into the series comes with a plethora ranging in quality. With over 650 to be exact (and in omitting the Bond Supports for the sake of dwindling the sections down as much as possible for this list’s sake) Fire Emblem Engage has its own fair share of certain support conversations being miles superior compared the majority of them. Here are a few of our favourites ones, although this is subject to change and get updated the more we unlock in our own playthroughs.

Please note that this is entirely my own opinion, in which I prefer the most wholesome of interactions as intervals for war as the greatest chunks of a break that can happen against the violent backdrop.

Best Support Conversations in Fire Emblem Engage

Citrinne and Clanne

Both units are delightful in their own right but for different reasons, and when their support conversation chain brings out the best in both of them, you can sure bet that it leaves one of the best impressions to be made for its convo script compared to the rest of them. Citrinne’s want to make long-lasting friends has her tending to go out of her way and splash out a bit too much money in an attempt to solve others’ issues. This does however leave many feeling uncomfortable with the conclusions she draws.

The same can be seen with this encounter with Clanne, who is currently tending to a single wildflower. Citrinne’s attempt to find some resolution to keep it alive is downplayed by Clanne, who ends up simply appreciating the gesture. It shows both of the characters’ maturity and consideration with such an unimportant scenario, as well as Citrinne’s room for growth as she learns to value the time spent with Clanne rather than needing to provide gifts. It’s simple yet effective in capturing their characterization and arcs.

Louis and Yunaka

Louis is one of my favourite characters. As a literal tank of a man, his soft features and demeanour really shows his true intentions under all that imposing mass and build – to care for and look after every other person within his line of sight. His approach to Yunaka is no different, wanting to uplift her and be there for her through the three conversations without fail.

For a support conversation string all about tea that comes up way too many times for the starting point to any bond in any given Fire Emblem – that or food – Louis and Yunaka’s conversations makes it a bit more heartfelt of a simple bonding excuse. It’s sweet with Louis knowing the right things to say to give Yunaka enough space to feel comfortable and is a great example of how giving and taking in a relationship works. For a conversation chain that concerns Yunaka, a character whose past is often at the forefront of being exposed, Louis’ approach is refreshing to say the least.

Ivy and Alfred

Given the amount of supports that has Ivy opening up to the rest of Alear’s army, her bond with Alfred hits different. It’s one thing that Alfred himself is the first prince of Firene, her ability to bond with said individual feels even more challenged and strained due to their numerous and notable differences. With Ivy’s difficulty in building bonds with anyone other than Alear, her choosing to trust Alfred after their two previous encounters that has him blindly helping her despite their differences may highlight his naivety but it also puts the most positive spin on it imaginable.

Alfred does not take others for face value and his consideration in anyone who decides to fight alongside him has him never questioning their intentions. Somehow being both impressively perceptive and dense, Alfred is much more of a goofball than one could expect for his design – that of a younger Dimitri if you ask me – but his way of welcoming Ivy with open arms and with no shred of prior judgement towards her highlights his best trait while teaching Ivy a better way of living through it. Also, “I demand that you be troubled immediately!” is one of my favourite take-away lines of Engage.

Celine and Alcryst

Celine and Alcryst are both the younger siblings to their kin who are next in line to the throne. Celine of Firene and Alcryst of Brodia easily relate to one another for this sole reason, and their support conversation chain capitalises on this. With the two clearly putting each other at ease for their similarities and airing out their fears and concerns between all the battles and war, they eventually come to an agreement through their honesty and being open in airing out all their woes that they keep from the majority of the other characters.

Celine’s eventual compliments to his skills brought on by Alcryst promising to protect Alfred hits hard for how deeply they both care for their siblings after confiding in their joint fears of ever losing either of them. This is topped off by them agreeing to a secret alliance of being there for one another and each others’ siblings even on the brink of death to quell each others’ nightmares. It’s a heavy but heart-warming scene.

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Diamant and Framme

Framme is already a character who looks like the epitome of the “protect at all costs” type. When it comes to her conversation chain with Diamant, it does nothing but exemplify her being the perfect character to define it. With Diamant finding her feeling frustrated by Vander once more for encouraging and at this point in time forcing her to read up on History to become a better Steward to Alear, she is near on close to quitting doing so altogether.

Feeling overwhelmed and helpless about the years of warfare their world has been grappling with for centuries beforehand with and as it continues to seep into the present, Framme feels powerless and at a loss of reading how much brutality is involved. This is a massive point of contention when Diamant’s own country has been involved with before, but Diamant promises that things will change in the future, and to see change, knowing what mistakes not to do in the past is important.

Diamant shows value in knowing about the past for this reason alone, and goes on to help Framme see the benefits of brushing up on her History in the end with the conversation chain unlimitedly closing out with Framme feeling hopeful in seeing a brighter future already… and intending on name dropping him as her student partner. So cute.

Pandreo and Panette

Pandreo and Panette’s support conversation chain is one of the more emotionally charged of the lot. As brother and sister, they were separated from a young age before finding one another after Panette joins Alear. Their support conversations highlights much more of their shared past and origins.

It feels bittersweet enough in their C-support alone for how they took separate paths in opposing reactions to their experiences of the same poor parenting they were brought up under. With the two promising to see the rest of their days out together even after the war has come and gone, this one is the only support we feel is best left as undescribed as possible for how much context it drops compared to the majority of the supports.

Lapis and Rosado

Lapis is one of my favourite female characters of Fire Emblem Engage due to her character weakness being the majority of the player bases’ (and any human being) natural weak point – low confidence. Despite her brute strength and overall cuteness, she continuously feels inferior to every other person around her. It is perfect that Rosado is the one to try and get her to see her worth – the one character who stands out for being as unique as he is for how he so freely expresses himself as.

His parting words of wisdom for Lapis is to value her uniqueness just like he does for himself that brings him all the confidence he needs to see his self-worth. She finds her knowledge in plant life useless, her strength a minus to her appeal and her background a source of pity. Rosado instead flips all those perceived negatives into a positive and references their very first meeting as a positive for how jealous he was of her for all these traits of hers. It’s wholesome and really reflective for the player character in how supportive and resounding Rosado’s words are especially that we can adopt to our own lives.

Mauvier and Alear

Mauvier is my husband of choice in Fire Emblem Engage as the unofficial Seteth of this title in my eyes – his closest bond within the cast further pushes their similarities. With the majority of his support chain being a journey of self forgiveness as Alear never stops trying to break down his barriers and make him see himself in a more forgiving light, Mauvier numerously denounces ever feeling good about himself due to his past actions. He promises to never do so even in the future, in fact.

Alear stops at nothing to reason with him that redemption is out of the question when he has always been a good man despite what his own opinion of himself is. Topped off with an S-Support that is so damn wholesome in how Alear stumbles on their proposal and their admission of wanting to do so multiple times beforehand, Alear never backing down from telling Mauvier of his self-worth and deserving to be loved simply warms the heart.

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