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Should You Choose Male or Female in Fire Emblem Engage? – Explained

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Fire Emblem Engage, the latest mainline entry in the Fire Emblem series, has released today as of 20/01/2023. Like the majority of the more modern Fire Emblem instalments, Engage has the player character at the forefront, making certain customisable options available. This consists of selecting the Appearance, Name and Birthday for the player character of the default named Alear – who we will address as such from hereon out. But is there much difference in selecting either ‘Form?’ Here’s the answer.

Should You Choose Male or Female in Fire Emblem Engage?

When it comes down to answering this question at face value, nothing at all matters in deciding on a correct answer here. This is due to, unlike past entries in the series that had a player insert character, Alear is able to S-support whoever, regardless of gender. These will however, not all be romantic, and will range from this nature to platonic supports instead. Furthermore, only a few S-supports will result in Alear gifting their Pact Ring to the character to solidify their romantic interest.

Other than a player having a preference for the appearance of either female or male Form, the storyline and events of Engage will remain the same. The only core reason to consider selecting either Form is due to which class roles may be gender locked. This will effectively mean that some classes will be unavailable to either Form, however considering this is the player character of Engage, it is highly likely that they will obtain their own exclusive Class later in the story.

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