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Are there Same-Sex Relationships and Romance in Fire Emblem Engage? – Answered

Keep that Pact Ring handy
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Fire Emblem Engage has dropped, and with it, plenty of expected mechanics we have seen repeated throughout the long-running series. With a free-roam setting similar to that of the Monastery, an update to the Weapon Triangle as the Attack Breaks and even more new unit types to enter the world of Fire Emblem, Engage has a lot to offer on the table. What did manage to stay under wraps until its release was how romance would function in the title.

Same-Sex Relationships and Romance in Fire Emblem Engage

There is a total of 34 characters who players can S-Support in Fire Emblem Engage. Depending on the character, these will either be romantic, platonic, or flirtatious. But regardless of the player character’s gender, either Form of the player character can S-Support the cast. This also includes the fact of giving a Pact Ring to a romanceable character is doable regardless of the player character’s gender.

The list of these characters and the type of relationship they can end up with the player character are as described below.

Male characters:

  1. Alcryst – Platonic
  2. Alfred – Romantic
  3. Amber – Platonic
  4. Bunet – Romantic
  5. Boucheron – Platonic
  6. Clanne – Platonic
  7. Diamant – Romantic
  8. Fogado – Flirty
  9. Jean – Platonic
  10. Kagetsu – Romantic
  11. Louis – Romantic
  12. Mauvier – Romantic
  13. Pandreo – Romantic
  14. Rosado – Flirty
  15. Seadall – Romantic
  16. Vander – Flirty
  17. Zelkov – Platonic

Female characters:

  1. Anna – Platonic
  2. Celine – Platonic
  3. Chloe – Romantic
  4. Citrinne – Romantic
  5. Etie – Platonic
  6. Framme – Flirty
  7. Goldmary – Romantic
  8. Hortensia – Flirty
  9. Ivy – Romantic
  10. Jade – Romantic
  11. Lapis – Romantic
  12. Merrin – Romantic
  13. Panette – Romantic
  14. Saphir – Platonic
  15. Timerra – Flirty
  16. Veyle – Platonic
  17. Yunaka – Flirty

That’s everything you need to know on who you can and can’t romance in Fire Emblem Engage!

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