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FIFA 22: How to complete Robin Gosens Rulebreakers Player SBC

FIFA 22: How to complete Robin Gosens Rulebreakers Player SBC
Image via EA

Robin Everardus Gosens is a German professional footballer currently playing for Serie A club Atalanta and the Germany national team. He is known as one of the best left midfielders or left-backs in Serie A, even in all European leagues for the past few years. However, EURO 2020 was one of his biggest, especially the match against Portugal when for his 62 minutes on the pitch, the left-wing may have been Gosens’ fiefdom. Currently, there are a lot of rumors about big clubs keeping an eye on him. However, none of them seem to be valid.

Similar to the Nkunku Rulebreakers SBC, you can not open Gosens from any packs. However, compared to the Nkunku SBC, you will have to spend much less to complete all the objectives of Gosens SBC. Again, you will have two versions of Gosens to choose from, each with different usages. 

Robin Gosens Rulebreakers Player SBC Overview

The first version of Gosens Rulebreakers is with higher defending stats of 86 overall but lower shooting ones of 70. For this card, all the defending attributes of Gosens will be over 85, with 85 Interception, 87 Heading Accuracy, 86 Defending Awareness, and 87 of both Standing and Sliding Tackle. However, his shooting is quite helpless when except for 80 Positioning, all the rest of his shooting stats are under 75. Cleary, this card fits for your left-back position more than the left midfielder as his assigned position.

Image via Futbin

Gosens’ second version swaps his defending and shooting stats, making him suitable for your LM. Now, with 87 Shooting Overall, 95 Positioning, 92 Finishing and 87 Shot Power, you can even put him to your LW. His only shooting flaw is Penalties of 60, but who cares and who will assign him as a penalty taker? But, as a trade-off, his defending stats show that now Gosens will be pretty redundant in the defending field with only 67 Defending Overall, 66 Interception, 70 Standing Tackle. 

Image via Futbin

However, the stats of Pace, Passing, Dribbling and Physicality in both versions share the same attributes, and all of them are stunning. With 86 Pace, 81 Passing with 85 Crossing, 84 Physicality of 92 Stamina, 91 Jumping, this is the SBC you should not miss. The only thing you should be concerned about is which Gosens would you opt for, the defensive version or the attacking one?

How to complete FIFA22 Gosens Rulebreakers SBC?

There are two challenges that you have to complete if you want to get Gosens in your squad.

Serie A TIM: 

Objectives: Exchange a Squad featuring players from Serie A TIM.

  • Number of Serie A players: Min. 1
  • TOTW players: Min. 1
  • Squad Rating: Min. 83
  • Team Chemistry: Min. 75
  • Reward: Mixed Players Pack

Recommended squads (courtesy of Futbin): 4-1-3-2 Formation

  • GK: Lukas Hradecky 83-Rated (Bayer Leverkusen – Bundesliga)
  • LB: Guerreiro 84-Rated (Borussia Dortmund – Bundesliga)
  • CB: Mathias Ginter 84-Rated (M’gladbach – Bundesliga)
  • CB: Lucas Hernandez 83-Rated (Bayern Munich – Bundesliga)
  • RB: Lucas Digne 84-Rated (Evertion- Premier League)
  • CM: Marcel Sabitzer 84-Rated (Bayern Munich – Bundesliga)
  • LM: Filip Kostic 83-Rated (Eintracht Frankfurt – Bundesliga)
  • RM: Leroy Sane 84-Rated (Bayern Munich -Bundesliga)
  • CF: Josip Ilicic 84-Rated (Atalanta – Serie A TIM)
  • LS: Dries Mertens 84-Rated (Napoli – Serie A TIM)
  • RS: Zlatan Ibrahimovic 84-Rated (AC Milan – Serie A Tim)

Total: 27.450 Coins for PS Platforms, 30.800 Coins for Xbox Platform, 31.950 for PC Platform

National Duty: 

Objectives: Exchange a squad featuring players from Germany

  • Number of players from Germany: Min. 1
  • Squad Rating: Min. 84
  • Team Chemistry: Min. 70
  • Reward: Premium Mixed Players Pack

Recommended Squad: 3-4-3 Formation

  • GK: Ramsdale 80-Rated (Arsenal) TOTW Card
  • CB: Angelino 83-Rated (RB Leipzig)
  • CB: Azpilicueta 83-Rated (Chelsea)
  • CB: John Stones 83-Rated (Manchester City)
  • LM: Lemar 83-Rated (Atletico Madrid) 
  • CM: Muniain 83-Rated (Athletic Bilbao)
  • CM: Canales 83-Rated (Real Betis)
  • RM: Asensio 83-Rated (Real Madrid)
  • LW:  Ocampos 83-Rated (Sevilla)
  • ST: Correa 83-Rated (Atletico Madrid)
  • RW: Morata 83-Rated (Piemonte Calcio/Juventus)

Total: 18.900 Coins for PS Platforms, 19.000 Coins for Xbox Platform, 19.800 for PC Platform.

So, in general, you will have to spend 50k coins to finish all the objectives of Gosens Squad Building Challenges, with two pack bonuses. Even if you don’t want to put him at your left-wing, this Gosens version is considered one of the best CDM cards for Serie A teams with the Anchor Chemistry Style. 

I believe this is an absolute bargain you should not miss out on because you cannot unpack Robin Gosens from any pack, and Gosens SBC will be expired on 12 Oct, which means after that date, Gosens Rulebreakers will become a limited card. And if you are lucky enough, these two bonus packs could give you back all the coins you have already spent.

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