Escape From Tarkov Shoreline Keys Guide

Shoreline was the fourth map added into Escape From Tarkov, the popular hardcore first-person shooter from Battlestate Games. This map is located next to the port on the outskirts of Tarkov and consists of a long beach, an abandoned village, a gas station, and most notably the Azure Coast Health Resort.

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Being one of the largest maps in Escape from Tarkov, Shoreline has many key spawns which we will cover the locations of in detail below.

Escape From Tarkov Shoreline Keys Guide

Cottage Key (Back Entrance) – This key spawns on the blue barrels near the locked estate, and opens up the locked estate.

Cottage Safe Key – This key to the estate safe can be found on the white bus by the tank in town.

SMW Car Key – This key opens up a locked car by the estate, which can contain a weapon spawn and some other random loot. It spawns behind the estate construction, by a blue dumpster on a box of cardboard.

Sanatorium Key – The key to the Sanatorium can be found in a bunker across from rock passage on a seat.

Shoreline Utility Key – Opens up unmarked doors in the resort, and can be found in a closet with key cabinets in Health Resort.

Health Resort Management Office Safe Key – this key opens up a safe in the theater room located outside the Health Resort. It can be found in pockets and bags of Scavs.

Health Resort Warehouse Safe Key – This key opens up the safe located on the second floor of the office admin building. It can be found on Scavs.

Health Resort (West) Keys

West Wing (Office 104) – The key can be found near the power station inside of a locker in a shed. Typically contains meds.

West Wing (Office 112) – The key can be found on a bus in the middle of the bus station. Two duffles containing some loot can be obtained with this key.

West Wing 205 – The key to room 205 in the West Wing of the Health Resort can be located in the reception building at the boat launch on the ground, or on Scavs.

West Wing 207 – The key can be found on pockets of Scavs, the room is open.

West Wing 216 – Room contains 2 weapon boxes, crates, grenades, weapon spawn and rare item. The key is on a desk on the second floor.

West Wing 218 – This key spawns in a locker next to the pool, and contais a weapon box, two gun lockers, weapons, meds, duggles, crates, ammo, and loot.

West Wing 219 – The key can be found in a lighthouse on a broken box, or in the SUV by the harbor office.

West Wing 220 – The key spawns in the back of the unlocked Estate in a key locker, and the room contains two weapon boxes, and a potential rare item with some random loot.

West Wing 301 – The key spawns inside a bus near the wrecked tunnel.

West Wing 303 – Spawns in a box under the gazebo in the back of the resort (northwest).

West Wing 306 – In the factory locker rooms on the extraction side, you can find this key to a room containing two dead scavs, meds, and maybe a weapon spawn.

Resort 321 Safe Key – The key to the safe is located in a locker in the weather station, can also be found on Scavs and in jackets.

Health Resort (East)

East Wing (Office 107) – The key can be found on a chair in the auditorium. The room contains meds, a duffle, some money and other loot.

East Wing (206) – The key to room 206 spawns in the back of an SUV on the road by the harbor office.

East Wing (205) – The key spawns on a box on a platform to the west of the resort.

East Wing (222) – The key to room 222 spawns in the left room in the power station.

East Wing (226) – The key to room 226 spawns in Scav Island on a table.

East Wing (306) – This key is located in the Tarcone Director’s Office on Customs Map, or on Scavs.

East Wing (310) – The key can be found on a bus near Customs building.

East Wing (313) – This key can be found on scavs, and contains a weapon box, medbag, LEDX, and some loose loot.

East Wing (314) – The key can be found in Woods at the checkpoint on the east side of the map on a stool in the cabin.

East Wing (316) – On Woods, the west side of the lake has a crashed minivan with an open suitcase.

East Wing (322) – Can be found on Scavs, but there’s nothing in the room.

East Wing (328) – On Scav Island, on a table by a motor.

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