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Escape From Tarkov Reserve Extract Points

The Reserve map is a secret Federal State Reserve Agency base that is supposed to contain enough food, supplies, medication, and other resources to last years in case of a nuclear war.

This guide will help show you where each of the major extract points are located and the special actions you need to take to use them.

Escape From Tarkov Reserve Extract Points

Escape From Tarkov Reserve Extract Points

Many extract points require you do special actions or items to use. Double tap ‘O’ key to see your extract points.

Cliff Descent – located behind the radar dome, can be seen on the top side of the map posted above. This PMC only extract point requires you have an ice pick, a paracord, and NO armored vest on. You can simply stash your armored vest in your bag.

Hermetic Door – requires you activate an alarm that’s in a shack to the west of the southern barracks.

Sewer Manhole – requires you do not have a backpack equipped.

Armored Train – only shows up between 25-35 minutes into the game. The train will honk twice when it’s arriving, once when one minute from leaving, and twice when it’s about to leave.

Scav Lands Exit – you will need to team up with a friendly scav in order to use this exit. If you’re a scav, you need a PMC to use this extract point.

There are also the following Scav extract points that have no special requirements: CP Fence, Depot Hermetic Door, Hole in Fence by Mountains, and Heating Pipe.

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