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Escape from Tarkov Error 213 Auth Servers

If you’ve played Escape from Tarkov, then you are familiar with its many glitches, errors, and crashes. Error 213 is not new and is listed as an Error Connecting to the Auth Server. If you’ve had a recent run-in with Escape from Tarkov Error 213, chances are you’re not alone. 

Escape from Tarkov Error 213

When it comes to Error 213, there is good news, and there is bad news. The good news is there isn’t anything wrong with your game. Don’t waste your time uninstalling, redownloading, and reinstalling Tarkov. The bad news is if you see EFT Error 213, then the Battlestate Games servers are likely down. It’s not always clear how long a server outage will last, but there isn’t anything for you to do.  

So when dealing with Error 213, all you have to do is sit back and wait for the authentication servers to get fixed and come back online. Sometimes, the server will have issues if there have been recent patches. You can check the Official Escape from Tarkov website to see if there have been recent patches or hotfixes. 

You can also check if other people have been having the same issues. Head over to DownDetector and see if other players have been searching whether or not Escape from Tarkov is down. They will show you a pretty clear message on the status along with any spikes in the outage reports. However, remember this is not an official status page for EFT. You can also check the official Twitter of Battlestate Games and see if there is any chatter of outages. 

So there you have it. There isn’t anything for you to fix when it comes to Escape from Tarkov Error 213. Sit back, relax, or open up another game while you wait. The outages usually won’t last for more than an hour. 

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