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“Encroaching Other’s Clearance” Satisfactory Miner

With the steam release for Satisfactory: Early Access the game is quickly building a large following. And as players explore the world and start building their factories a few strange gameplay mechanics and issues have popped up. One such issue is that sometimes players are given the somewhat cryptic message of “Encroaching Other’s Clearance” when trying to place down miners.

What does this message mean and how do you fix it?

Simply put something is blocking the creation of your miner. The first thing to do is to rotate the miner.

If you have rotated the miner and still get the same message then you should check to see if there is a node sticking out of the ore deposit.

Locate and Destroy the center Node

Find the large piece of ore sticking out of the center of the ore deposit. Go up to it and hit “E” until it’s destroyed.

Place your miner

After the node is destroyed. You can put down your miner and rotate it to make sure it’s clear.

Check out a video of the whole process.

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